CANYON, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – A personalized message for every new WT student.

West Texas A&M President Dr. Walter Wendler goes above and beyond in getting students to participate in WT.

“I am Walter Wendler, president of West Texas A&M University. I know you applied to the communication program for the fall semester. I really hope to see you on campus this fall when the leaves turn color in Canyon, Texas. Go the buffs that far, ”Dr. Wendler said.

This is one example that Dr. Wendler gave of the 3,000 different individualized videos he and his staff have created, which are being sent to students who have been admitted and accepted to WT this fall.

“I’ve spent about 200 hours doing them now and my staff have spent that many times, editing and captioning the videos because we didn’t use a script,” Dr Wendler said.

Dr Wendler says each video is 17-18 seconds long, expressing gratitude and hope that the admitted student will attend.

“I hope this will have a positive impact. We have a great thing here in the Texas panhandle. I really think it would be an advantage for a lot of students and relatives to recognize that it might not be a bad idea to stay close to home. You can get a really good college experience right here at West Texas A&M University, ”said Dr. Wendler.

Dr Wendler says these videos are meant to show some encouragement as well, especially during these times.

“People feel a bit dislocated. I feel dislocated and come to work everyday with energetic people and all that but it’s been a tough year. We will do it again and we think it is important, especially now. But always to let people know that WT is not a bureaucratic brick wall, but rather a place that cares about people because it’s West Texas, ”said Dr Wendler.

Dr Wendler estimates that his staff spent around 800 hours filming, editing and captioning the videos.

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