9/12 #4 #8 #10 cheated on me. I should have had it all, I swear I watched every episode at least twice!

9/12 not terrible!

12/12. I didn’t remember number 5, but only one of the three women wore outfits like that. Ginger definitely wore dresses #3 and #7 on a fairly regular basis. I’m not sure about number 7, but I think Mary Ann also wore the dress in an episode. This is the one where she fell and hit her head. She thought she was Ginger and started cutting and wearing Ginger’s clothes. But there is no doubt about the silhouette of the one who wears the dress in the photo.

10 of 12 Two delicate outfits.

7/12. Too bad.


9/12 Thought it would be a breeze but missed 4, 8 and 10.

11/12!! I thought I would have them all, since I’ve seen every episode of Gilligan’s Island many times since I was little.🙂


I should have done 12/12 but I guessed myself and missed 11/12

I got 9 out of 12

I got 8/12. I got numbers 4, 8, 9 and 11. I love Gillian’s Island.

12/12 That’s a catchy score! Good work!

I missed number 10
For those of Lovey Howell, hands are the dead giveaway.

That was also my observation.

So a few years ago, when MeTV was still showing “77 Sunset Strip,” I used to watch recognizable guest stars who weren’t really famous yet. For example, Buddy Ebsen, Max Baer Jr and Donna Douglas have appeared several times, as well as Raymond Bailey and Nancy Kulp, but not Irene Ryan or Harriet MacGibbon. Five of the seven “Gilligan” regulars have appeared over time (Dawn Wells co-starred with Adam West as a young married couple), and even unseen radio announcer Charles Maxwell was in two episodes.

The two castaways who did not make an appearance are Bob Denver and Tina Louise.

8️⃣ I think it’s very unusual to bring so many clothes for a three hour visit.👗👚👙🧥👜

Very suspicious. As if they were running from something. I mean, why wouldn’t Thurston Howell the 3rd have his own yacht? 🤔

I always thought that too. Skipper, Professor and Gilligan always wore the same clothes. What did they wear when they washed them? (Unless they went au natural.) The others had lots of different outfits. In addition, the Howells brought suitcases of money and jewelry. Why would they need this for just a 3 hour ocean excursion? The women also had make-up and perfume kits. Several other elements popped up during episodes that wouldn’t normally be packed for such a trip either. I guess we weren’t supposed to think about these things. And for the most part, we didn’t. We just enjoyed the stupidity.

I think he had a yacht, several in fact. He probably would have sailed on one of them unless he was on the run and wanted to be easily found. But people knew he was on the SS Minnow even in the first episode. The radio announcer listed him and Lovey among the passengers.

It was a fun show when it first aired, Sherwood Schwartz pitched the idea for the sitcom using the question he heard from a professor teaching a public speaking class at New York University that he had followed years before, “If you were stranded on a desert island, what item would you like to have?” (Of course, they all had more than one item LOL).
He thought it would be interesting to have a group of very different individuals on an island learning to live together. Thus, Gilligan’s Island was born.

8/12. I thought I would miss a few, but it was a very poor performance.


I missed four! Slim!

I’ve never been a fan of Gilligan’s Island, so let’s take lucky guesses all around, I say. 🍸

10/12 and lucky to have so many.