ROSEDALE, Louisiana (BRPROUD) – Video has surfaced from a June 8 incident showing then-owner Glynn Rivet yelling at Rivet & Sons farm workers while holding a gun in each hand he ‘he points at the workers and shoots in the air.

The incident sparked a US Department of Labor (DOL) investigation which found that employees working in the US on H-2A visas often worked in “exhausting” weather conditions for ten hours or more, sometimes up to seven days a year. week in “fields which lacked potable water, toilets and hand washing facilities”.

According to the DOL, a day before the incident in the video, workers asked Rivet for water, which he refused and told them to drink rainwater from a ditch.

The workers then called Rivet’s son Brent Rivet who also runs the farm and he brought them water, but not enough for the rest of the day.

According to reports filed by DOL investigator Derek Madison, the next day Glynn Rivet asked workers to leave their lunches and water behind because they “wouldn’t need it.” After dropping the workers off in a field, Rivet reportedly shouted “I’m the one with the power here” as he drove off.

Later that day, Madison says, while working in another field, the workers again called Brent Rivet to help them collect their food and water. Young Rivet replied that he was far away but that he would try. The workers decided to walk 1.5 miles back to collect their food.

According to Madison’s reports, around 40 minutes later, Rivet pulled over in his truck and began the tirade shown in the video in which he complains that workers are asking his sons for help.

The workers filed a police report and Glynn Rivet surrendered a few days later.

DOL says in the days that followed Glynn’s other son, Clint Rivet, pressured workers to recant their story by saying that if they weren’t all working on the farm they would quit. .

Glynn transferred ownership of Rivet & Sons to his sons after the incident.