The other day I was on my boat on one of Delaware’s beautiful inland bays. It was a spectacular day on the water. It was September 11th and I thought it would be good to be alone there to reflect on that day 20 years ago when I watched the smoke rise from the Pentagon from my apartment building. offices across the Potomac River.

I listened to some of the speeches given in New York, Shanksville and Washington, and some of the music from the Salisbury Folk Festival. But suddenly a guy came up in a little fishing boat, and he’s got a huge flag mounted on the stern that says “F ** K BIDEN!” I must say I was surprised. It put a big dark stain on what until then was a beautiful day.

From the brief glimpse I got of him as he walked up and then sped past me, I would say he might not have even been born yet when 9/11 changed our world. .

I couldn’t help but wonder why does this young man feel compelled to walk around wearing this flag? He surely knows it is offensive. How does that help solve the problems of this nation? Is this his way of making America great? How do parents feel when they go boating with their children and see this flag? How would I explain this flag to my sweet granddaughter who is just learning to read?

I’m sure people will respond with something on the First Amendment, and of course this man has a right to speak, I guess. (I’m not allowed to spell the f-word in this article, I might emphasize that.) But how much freedom of speech except to offend others?

Please, boaters, the bays belong to everyone. Enjoy it on the water, catch a lot of fish and be happy that you can. But now is neither the time nor the place to show off your rawness.

Let’s try civility for a moment. Smile and say hello to your fellow boaters. They’re just trying to take advantage of it. Hatred and hostility obviously don’t work.

Ab oar

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