Tribes of Midgard will launch the Valhalloween event to celebrate the spooky month of October, featuring character costumes and festive challenges.

The mid-saga update was released for Midgard Tribes, bringing new content for the enjoyment of players. This will include the upcoming launch of Valhalloween from October 12 to November 1, introducing pumpkin cosmetics for the basics, themed costume options, and new challenges to expand gameplay. Players will be able to fight spooky enemies and combine event content with upgrades added during the mid-saga update, offering many new ways to explore and experience adventures as the mighty Viking Einherjar. .

Midgard Tribes is a Viking survival title with cooperative gameplay and procedurally generated worlds. While playing the role of an Einherjar, players must protect their home base from nocturnal attacks, roaming the world for resources to craft and battle powerful enemies. Midgard Tribes released in July 2021 and will celebrate its first seasonal event with Valhalloween. The gameplay is designed for all skill levels, and Norsefell has strived to create a welcoming survival experience for new players, making the upcoming event the perfect opportunity for those curious about the game to try it out.

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Valhalloween will begin with a change to the main menu and music, improving the atmosphere during the game. Players will find their bases decorated with seasonal cosmetics like Jack-o-Lanterns, as well as Valhalloween-themed enemies. Two new Helthings will be introduced with for Midgard Tribes basic attacks, called Val Helthings, and goblins will now have pumpkins as heads, changing the enemies that players have fought since the game’s release. There will also be three event-themed cosmetic sets that players have will be able to collect. These include:

  • Headless norse – x5 pieces of cosmetic armor, x5 pieces of equipment and Little Stranger the pet.
  • Linnorm costume – x5 pieces of cosmetic armor, x5 pieces of equipment.
  • werewolf – x5 pieces of cosmetic armor, x5 pieces of equipment and Fluffy Fang the pet.

Midgard Tribes to Add Daily, Weekly, and Festive Challenges

Basic Valhalloween and Pumpkin Changes

Valhalloween is part of the mid-saga update for the Midgard Tribes first season, “Wolf Saga”. As part of the update, Daily, Weekly, and Party challenges are added to provide players with new play options. The recurring Daily and Weekly challenge types can be completed for ongoing rewards, such as Golden Horns and Season XP to help players progress through the Season Reward Track. Festive challenges will be specific to special events like Valhalloween and will offer themed items as a reward for completing them. According to information provided to Screen Rant by Norsfell, there will be around 47 daily and weekly challenges for players to complete, hopefully encouraging more diverse gameplay with new objectives.

Norsfell’s goal with the Midgard Tribes The mid-saga update and the Valhalloween event are to introduce changes that will better balance gameplay while increasing variety. The update will include changes to Midgard Tribes classes, hopefully correcting the potency and utility inconsistencies between each class option, as well as rune upgrades. Because death is an inevitable part of Midgard Tribes, the update will also include the ability to customize loot boxes that appear after characters are defeated, helping players distinguish between loot boxes and adding other ways to customize each Einherjar.

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