If you’ve seen Part 1 of our annual commentary on the 10 Best Boating Stories of the Year, which uploaded yesterday, you’ve revisited some noteworthy stories from 2021. My partner speedonthewater.com Matt Trulio has started strong, and now it’s my turn to wrap up. As the art director and de facto production manager of the 2021 Speed ​​On The Water Year In Review, which went to the printer today, I had to get a few things off my plate before I tackled to my list.

But now I’m ready, so there you go.

1. The In The Lead video series innovates

Getting the chance to produce stories – with people such as Brett Manire and Mark Waddington of Performance Boat Center – in a video format has been a treat for the speedonthewater.com team. Photo by Ryan Wenk

Anyone who barely knows me knows that I don’t like to brag about our plans. I prefer to let the work speak for me. But in the world of performance boats, there has never been anything like our seven-part In The Lead video series powered by Mercury Racing with support from MYCO Trailers and Hamilton Marine Finance. Not a tired mix of boats, girls and mediocre music, the documentary-style series focused on retelling seven stories of nine people – Grant Bruggemann, Tony Chiaramonte, John Cosker, Nils Johnsen and Trond Schou of Nor- Tech, Brett Manire and Mark Waddington of Performance Boat Center, Shaun Torrente and Justin Wagner, all of whom are making a difference in the boating world. We had a blast working with Brad DiMaggio and Ryan Wenk from Scrapyard Media. And we can do it again – with new topics and a whole bunch of other new wrinkles – in 2022.

2. Mercury Marine unveils the Verado 600 outboard

The new Mercury Marine Verado 600 V-12 engine was designed for larger boats, such as the 500 Super Spot Crossover from Formula Boats. Photo courtesy of Formula Boats

While the Verado 600 outboard is not necessarily a “high performance” outboard like Mercury Racing’s, it is a 600 horsepower V-12 beast, making it a first in the industry. the two departments. The engine is intended for large, heavy boats such as the Formula Boats 500 Super Sport Crossover, and it has all kinds of technologically advanced features. Most notable of these is that the counter-rotating twin-propeller lower unit, rather than the powerhead of the engine, provides the steering. This means the power head doesn’t move, resulting in more usable transom space.

3. Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout Sets Donation Record

The members of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout committee were extremely happy to donate $ 445,000 to 40 different local charities. Photo courtesy of Diana Dorhauer

From my earliest days in Powerboat magazine, the Lake of the Ozarks shooting in central Missouri has been near and dear to my heart. Of course, I dig all the action of the Shootout itself and all the events such as the Super Cat Fest and the Shootout On The Strip that surround it, but what has always mattered to me the most is the money he collects for the impoverished people who live a few miles from the famous waterway. This year, Lake of the Ozarks Shootout organizer Ron Duggan and his team raised $ 445,000 for local charities that serve this population in need. Nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me more honored and proud to be a member of the Bob Morgan Memorial Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Hall of Fame.

4. Good Boy Vodka is taking the industry by storm

How to attract attention to your brand of vodka? Make a 50ft Turbine Canopy Mystic Catamaran your billboard. Photo by Pete Boden / Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

Alex Pratt, the face of the Good Boy Vodka brand, is from Michigan, but you wouldn’t know it from his time in Missouri by the Lake of the Ozarks. This is where Pratt, who owns a 50-foot, turbine-powered Spirit-promoting Mystic catamaran, launched the brand, which now has a hard Seltzer product, by the lakeside in 2020. It is from again turned big at the lake in 2021 during the annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout week, then Pratt also took his polite marketing act on the road and ended the year in Key West, Florida, where Good Boy Vodka did. was not only the “Official Vodka of the World Offshore Key West Championships” but helped support the annual Speed ​​On The Water Key West Bash, which raised $ 81,000 for Samuel’s House, a charity local.

5. Crockett drops jaws with shootout record

Tyler Crockett’s 132 mph pass at Lake of the Ozarks 2021 raised many eyebrows. Photo by Pete Boden

It takes a special kind of unbalanced human to drive a single-engine full-V at 132 mph from a nearly upright start in three-quarters of a mile, but that’s exactly what Tyler Crockett did on day two of the race. lake of 2021. the shootout of the ozarks. An engine builder and former full-fledged ocean racer, the Ruby, Mich.-Based Shootout veteran succeeded in his 26-foot Joker powerboat fitted with an over 3,000 horsepower engine of his own creation. And he’s already working to raise the bar next year.

Honorable mentions

• Tiki Lee’s Launches Triple Threat Event — For his freshman event, David Carey, the very ambitious owner of Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar in Sparrows Point, Md., Has incorporated a poker race, mile record event and a high speed shootout in a single weekend.

• Go Viral Hookcups — Designed as a tool for raft-ups, Hookcups are a new product that we believe may be of interest to our readers. So we published a story. We had no idea this would be one of our most read stories of the year.

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