The BIA board yesterday held an extraordinary meeting to review the government’s latest information regarding the Sydney event and determined that the cancellation was the appropriate decision at this time.

“The BIA believed responsible action was to weigh the facts, liaise with stakeholders such as our members, government and site partner, the International Convention Center, and make a decision this week.” said Darren Vaux, president of the BIA. “The cancellation of the event supports the government’s efforts to bring the current outbreak of Covid-19 and its highly contagious Delta variant under control. It also recognizes the likely challenges that our local and interstate members and exhibitors will face in the coming weeks.

“Our priority was to celebrate the nautical lifestyle and to do so in a Covid Safe way for our members, suppliers, exhibitors and the public.”

“It was a difficult decision to cancel the event, especially since there was such support from the industry.”

The BIA will now focus its attention on promoting the nautical lifestyle as the next boating season approaches through programs such as its Discover Boating initiative supported by a multimedia marketing campaign.

Credits: Unsplash / Dan Freeman

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