WOLFEBORO – A 28-foot mahogany triple-cockpit woodie and a 1928 Hacker-Craft replica that is true to the seat colors, the New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Millie B recreates the “age experience of” boating gold ”.

“Wooden boats are iconic of New Hampshire’s freshwater lakes, which is why the Millie B is so popular,” said Martha Cummings, executive director of the New Hampshire Boat Museum “NHBM”.

Recently, the Millie B was featured on NH Chronicle.

“It was wonderful to have NH Chronicle with us on the boat where we got to talk about the unique history, geography, geology and wildlife of Lake Winnipesaukee,” Cummings noted. “There are also a lot of celebrities who live on the lake and the islands during the warmer months, so we’ve covered some of their stories as well.”

In addition to the 45-minute tours, which typically accommodate eight people (ten with young children), the Millie B is available for charters and private cruises on Lake Winnipesaukee.

NHBM also offers opportunities to discover the lakes through two sailing programs.

In the community sailing program, NHBM and Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation teach basic sailing to adults and children. As part of the Sailboat Sharing Program, NHBM, in partnership with Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation and Tuftonboro Parks and Recreation, is offering individuals the option of sharing the use of a Colgate 26.

“We also have new exhibits, virtual lectures and more this summer,” added Cummings, who said the entry point for many museum visitors remains the Millie B.

“The Millie B is a fun way to experience the lakes, but it’s also just one aspect of our museum,” she added. “The Millie B is our ‘hook’. “

Founded in 1992 by vintage boating enthusiasts, the NHBM is committed to inspiring people of all ages by making them understand and appreciate the nautical heritage of New Hampshire’s freshwater waterways. To learn more about the NHBM, its virtual lecture series, boating programs or special events, visit nhbm.org.

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