Ever since “Ghosts” premiered in October, viewers of the CBS sitcom have wanted to know why Trevor, played by Asher Grodman, isn’t wearing pants. Even costume designer Carmen Alie was puzzled.

“I was wondering how he died,” Alie said.

The episode airing March 31 will reveal how Trevor – a former Wall Street trader from the 90s who is one of many ghosts haunting an old house in New York’s Hudson Valley – met his demise. But more importantly, it will explain his mysterious lack of pants.

The episode involved a flashback, and Alie turned to “The Wolf of Wall Street” for inspiration, knowing it would have to show Trevor and his Wall Street brethren on the floor. That meant a flood of gray and navy suits. “But the detail was different at the time,” says Alie. “The width of the stripes – one inch apart – you don’t see them anymore. Also, I had to look at the backhand width because that too was different,” she says.

Alie looked everywhere for heavier fabrics and eventually found a wholesaler to make the costumes. “I tailored each of them to their personalities,” Alie says of Trevor’s co-workers. His goal was to maintain the idea that Trevor was cool and classy while he was alive. “Navy blue [of his blazer] was very commercial. His shirt was this great combination of blue with a white collar, and his tie – of course, we needed more than one – was from a French designer,” says Alie.

Decorator Zoe Sakellaropoulo has found an abandoned building to bring Trevor’s world to life on Wall Street. “I love what Carmen did with the gray and navy suits, and we came and added these white, gray, black, and wooden furniture to represent that dry world,” says Sakellaropoulo, who filled the set of desks, chairs, a commercial wall and monitors. “It was a male-dominated culture, and we wanted to show that.”

As the flashback reveals, Trevor’s sense of selflessness eventually affects his wardrobe in the afterlife. But for one episode, at least, he manages to disguise himself. “I always had his pants handy,” Alie teases. “I knew I would need it one day.”

‘Trevor’s Pants’ – The secret of Trevor’s missing pants is finally revealed when his wealthy former friend comes to Woodstone Mansion

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