Superheroes are generally known for their bright and exaggerated costumes that reflect either their powers or the chosen theme, although with some characters a transformation into another form replaces a costume, which is usually the case with Bruce Banner. when it changes. in Hulk.

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However, even the Hulk has worn a few costumes over the years that often change as quickly as his personality, often resulting in a whole new transformation as well. Today, we’re going to take a look back at some of the best costumes the Hulk has worn over the years, and a few that he probably should have completely ripped up.

ten Best: Joe Fixit ranked his look with a cute costume as a Las Vegas enforcer

Joe Fixit as Mafia executor and his human counterpart

After the Hulk was able to shake off Banner’s influence, he became a new gray-skinned personality named Joe Fixit who became an enforcer at a Mafia-owned Las Vegas casino, which required him to dress up. the role.

He usually wore a black pinstripe suit with a fedora that clearly went beyond his usual outfit, although he frequently tore his suits, which only made him angrier. The Immortal Hulk also introduced the human character of Joe Fixit, who was perfectly at home in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts.

9 Sucked: The usual Hulk costume is the torn remnants of the banner that was carried

Hulk standing in flaming rubble

Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk is powerful and usually unexpected, meaning his most common costume is ripped purple pants that manages to survive as he muscles and rips the rest of his clothes.

While it might seem a little harsh to paint such a classic look in a negative light, as the choice of Hulk’s wardrobe makes a lot of sense given his transformation, but he’s still weak compared to costumes. or actual clothes like some of her other looks.

8 Best: Amadeus Cho solved the ripped pants issue as the totally awesome Hulk

Amadeus Cho as the totally awesome Hulk

The bright young Amadeus Cho was a close friend of the Hulk who was able to absorb the Hulk’s gamma energy, robbing him of his incredible strength to become the Totally awesome hulk while he also kept his high intelligence.

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This allowed him to create special trunks that changed in size with him to further enhance Banner’s original costume, though he eventually succumbed to the Hulk’s rage and forced himself to strip lightly to become Brawn.

7 Sucked: Hulk’s armor when working with SHIELD was bulky and unnecessary

Hulk in his Marvel NOW armor

Marvel NOW! introduced a new version of the character in Indestructible hulk who started working with SHIEL.D. after Banner negotiated the services of his powerful alter ego in exchange for resources and a laboratory to continue his experiments.

Banner began to wear a SHIELD biological suit that could change sizes with him, although it was continuously upgraded to become bulky energized armor that seemed unnecessary for such a powerful character. It also came with a Recording Observation Robot (ROB) so SHIELD could keep an eye on the Hulk, which was way too breakable.

6 Best: Merged Hulk wore a casual dark red jumpsuit when working with the Pantheon

Merged Hulk in his jumpsuit and holding giant pistols

Bruce Banner’s various personalities were merged with the Hulk in a powerful and shiny new form that began working with a secret organization of half-Asgardian descendants known as the Pantheon, which also saw him adopt a new look.

Merged Hulk (also sometimes referred to as Professor Hulk) wore a casual dark red / sometimes brown jumpsuit with a black tank top that was simple and effective despite being frequently ripped to shreds, and he looked even more handsome when paired up. to oversized 90s-style giant pistols.

5 Sucked: Hulk’s costume as War of the Horsemen of Apocalypse was weird and underwhelming

Hulk as War of the Horsemen of Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a powerful Eternal Mutant who has strengthened and transformed other powerful characters over the years to serve as his riders, and although these characters are generally mutants, Apocalypse has targeted and transformed the Hulk into his first non-mutant war rider. .

The Hulk was enhanced with the celestial alien tech from Apocalypse, although he ended up looking like a masked football player crossed with a gladiator who wielded a sword and whip despite being as strong as the Hulk. It wasn’t a great look for the Hulk (or the dreaded Apocalypse Horsemen) and thankfully was short lived.

4 Best: An Enchanted Hammer Turned Hulk into Null, Breaker of Worlds

Hulk as Null, breaker of worlds during the fear itself

the Fear itself the event featured an attack from the Asgardian fear god Cul Borson, also known as the Serpent, and he launched his attack on Earth / Midgard by releasing powerful enchanted hammers that transformed and corrupted anyone who picked them up for become warriors controlled by the spirit of The Serpent.

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Hulk picked up his own hammer and was transformed into a Drawn, Breaker of Worlds. None was not only more powerful than the usual version of the Hulk, but he was also powered by Asgardian energy and covered with banded metal on his arms to further increase his intimidating factor.

3 Sucked: AXIS introduced a dark, inverted Hulk named Kluh that didn’t quite work out

the AXIS The event featured a few dark versions of popular heroes alongside heroically adjusted villains following a reversal event, which also revealed another Hulk personality who only appeared when the Hulk got too sad.

This new transformation resulted in a dark armor skin that glowed red between the plates of armor and featured clawed hands and a white mohawk that seemed like a change just for the sake of a change. Kluh was a very powerful version of the character, but his looks definitely didn’t impress fans.

2 Best: Hulk Simplified His Gladiator Look For His Retaliation On Earth During World War Hulk

World War Hulk

the Planet Hulk The storyline introduced a new gladiator look for the Hulk after he was forced to participate in arena games on the planet Sakaar after his exile by the Illuminati. After becoming the champion and overthrowing the corrupted Red King to become the planet’s new monarch, she was destroyed and the Hulk was both overpowered and filled with revenge.

He returned to Earth in a simplified version of his arena outfit that featured spiked armor on his arm and leather as well as a simple crown to showcase his royal but powerful status in World War Hulk while leading the fight to the Illuminati.

1 Sucked: Doc Green’s new style came with a new attitude that wasn’t well received by friends or fans

Hulk in his Doc Green character with a ripped suit

As a result of brain damage and help from Tony Stark and the Extremis process which first healed and then improved him, a new version of the Hulk appeared known as Doc Green with heightened intelligence he has took it upon himself to erase the threat of powerful gamma-characters, including his closest friends and allies.

Doc Green’s costume ranged from simplistic trunks and lab coats to full-bodied black suits although he wore a white shirt and brown tactical vest after his war against other gammas with a mohawk and beard that really ruined it. the look and made Doc Green one of his worst costumes and personalities.

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