BURLINGTON, Mass. (WFXT) – With the help of the public, Massachusetts police have arrested a man for attempted kidnapping. Surveillance video shows the suspect grabbing a woman and dragging her down the street as she struggles to break free.

Tyler Healey, 23, spent two days on the run after what police said was an attempted kidnapping Sunday night in Burlington, Massachusetts. He faces four counts, including attempted kidnapping and assault with intent to rape.

Surveillance video shows a man police believe to be Healey grabbing the 37-year-old victim. He puts her in a headache, dragging her away.

Tyler Healey, 23, faces multiple charges in what police say was the attempted kidnapping of a 37-year-old woman. These charges include attempted kidnapping and assault with intent to rape.(Source: Burlington Police, WFXT via CNN)

But she fought back and the police said it worked.

“I thank the victim specifically for her fight, her tenacious fight that night, the fight she put up in the middle of that Middlesex Turnpike. She gave herself a chance,” Burlington Police Chief Thomas Browne said.

That surveillance video led to several tips that helped nab Healey, according to Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan. Prosecutors say one of those tips came from the suspect’s father, who recognized his son’s sneakers.

Authorities also credited Ariel Naylor, a woman who called 911 and helped scare off the suspect after witnessing the attempted kidnapping.

“I did it because this woman needed my help,” Naylor said.

She is now called a heroine.

“[She] put herself in danger, potentially acting without due regard for her safety, and her actions were selfless,” Browne said.

Healey appeared in court on Wednesday. He is being held until next week for a dangerous hearing.

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