A Super Smash Bros. modder. Ultimate gives away two playable Pokemon costumes based on their unique Holowear outfits.

Pokémon Unite Smash

The list of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is quite large and varied, featuring many characters from Nintendo franchises and beyond. One of the most represented series in the list is the Pokemon series, with a total of eight playable fighters in the franchise. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also has a large modding community, with some creating new costumes for its characters. A modder was inspired to give two playable Pokémon fighters costumes from the recently released Pokémon United.

Pokémon United is the latest installment in the franchise, taking the series into the ambitious MOBA game genre. The game has a playable list of two fan favorite series and Dark Creatures. Two of these fan favorites include the Ninja Shinobi Greninja Water Frog and the Pokemon Lucario aura. Greninja is a ranged fighter with clones while Lucario is a lightning sweeper for their team. These two Pokemon have unique cosmetics that can be purchased through the use of tickets in Pokemon Unite, giving them amazing costumes. This modder incorporated two of these costumes for their Ultimate smash iterations.

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This mod was made by LN_310, a promment modder in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. Under the title of “Pokémon United Modpack, “both of these costumes are based on in-game purchasable Holowear. For Greninja’s Holowear costume, it is based on his hero style, making him look like a superhero. Meanwhile, Lucario gets a caped costume based on two coaches from the series. These include Sir Aaron from his film debut and Riley from the Pokémon Diamond and pearl Games. This last costume was the one that was leaked before Pokémon Unitedcustomization options have been revealed.

Lucario Pokemon Unite Smash

Greninja Pokemon Unite Smash

As seen in the mod screenshots, the costumes of both Pokémon adhere to their original designs of Pokémon United. Lucario’s costume not only makes him incredibly dapper, but also quite powerful, much like Lucario’s role in Pokémon United. Greninja’s Holowear costume makes him incredibly heroic, making him feel like he’s ready to take down any villain in his way. Every little detail of the costume designs is kept in this mod, including things like Greninja’s scarf to Lucario’s bag.

The reaction to these costumes has been generally positive so far, much like Pokémon United‘s Holowear. These costumes are incredibly unique and aren’t just pallet swaps for them. Mods like these show the amount of hard work and dedication fans have for these characters, giving them some creative new looks.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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