STACEY Solomon showed off Joe Swash’s latest costume for their son Rex’s birthday – after his previous X-classified mistake.

The Loose Women panelist, 31, paid a sweet tribute to their toddler, who turned two today.


Stacey showed off the finished costume on InstagramCredit: Instagram

In the photo, Joe can be seen in the full costume – based on the Disney movie Moana – complete with a purple bodysuit, straw skirt and spray painted trash can lid to act like a shell.

He also has googly eyes on his head, while posing in ocean blue decorations.

Then in the next photo, Rex is sitting above his father with a huge smile on his face.

Stacey captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday Pickle 🦀 Oh baby boy, we hope you had the best day of your life.

Rex sitting on Joe's back


Rex sitting on Joe’s backCredit: Instagram

“My loving pet little Maui. How are you two years old already… 😭 Watching you grow every day, learn and become such a special human alongside your brothers is our greatest privilege.

“Every day, your smile and your joy keep us going. Mom will keep working on her costume skills as you get older I promise

“ex, you bring so much happiness into our lives every day… Zachy, Leighton, Harry, Theo, Peanut, Meowiii, mum and dad love you to the moon and the stars and back again. Always. The years. can they start slowing down now please? 🥺🥺

“Thanks everyone for your lovely messages, stories and posts, they have been preparing me all day. We all love you so much. This is a really special place… 🥺🖤”

Rex seemed to be enjoying his Moana-themed birthday


Rex seemed to be enjoying his Moana-themed birthdayCredit: Instagram
He danced to songs by Moana


He danced to songs by Moana

In the video, the family danced to songs by Moana, with Rex wearing the Maui costume of a leafy skirt and a top with his tattoos on it.

Meanwhile, 13-year-old older brother Zach disguised himself as Moana to complete the installation.

It wasn’t obvious for Joe’s costume, as on Friday Stacey was forced to censor a photo of her fiance in the tight bodysuit.

As her oldest sons Zachary and Leighton, 9, laughed in the background, she filmed Joe doing his best crab impression in the purple outfit.

Stacey was forced to censor the costume


Stacey was forced to censor the costumeCredit:

“Trying to make Joe a shiny Tamatoa crab costume for Rex’s birthday party and it doesn’t look very appropriate for a children’s party,” Stacey joked.

“Oh my god just put it away, why is it there?” he could be heard screaming at Joe in the background as he tried to hide his manhood.

“Move it!” Stacey screamed as Joe defended himself helplessly, rushing back, “And where am I supposed to put it? It’s my penis!”

The Tap To Tidy writer then showed fans a close-up, showing Joe holding a coconut to cover his intimates as he smiled for the camera.

He was forced to protect his modesty with a coconut


He was forced to protect his modesty with a coconutCredit:

“Send help,” Stacey captioned the post. “I try so hard but I don’t know if it’s my costume or Joe but I cry real tears.”

“Maybe his shiny shell and claws will help bring him closer,” she concludes, showing the wide eyes and tentacles of the purple outfit.

“I have run out of energy for this bloody costume. I have been trying to sew these arms in the right place for 2 hours but my model is worth a job.”

Stacey Solomon is forced to CENSOR Joe Swash’s skinny costume for son Rex’s Moana-themed party

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