Rob Zombie shares a photo from the set of The Munsters, revealing a brand new costume for Herman Munster, played by Jeff Daniel Phillips.

Rob Zombie has shared two new behind-the-scenes photos from The Munstersshowing a brand new costume for Herman Munster. The Munsters began life as a two-season CBS sitcom in 1964 that followed the lives of a family of monsters living in a suburban neighborhood with their human niece Marilyn. The franchise has seen many revamps and revivals since then, including the 1988 follow-up The Munsters todaywhich lasted longer than the original series, and Bryan Fuller Way of the Mockingbirds, a television special that was originally intended to be the pilot for a new series. The last munsters project to come down the line is a feature film adaptation of The devil’s rejections director Rob Zombie.

Although the film does not yet have an official release date, it has been announced that it will debut simultaneously in theaters and on the Peacock streaming service. The zombie version of the project, currently filming in Budapest, will mark its first foray into comedy. He will once again team up with some familiar faces, including his wife and frequent collaborator Sheri Moon Zombie, who will play Lily Munster, and 31Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang. The cast also includes Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp, Dee Wallace as radio host, and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira herself) as Barbara Carr.

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Today on his official Instagram account, Rob Zombie shared two behind-the-scenes photos from the set of The Munsters. The first shows the director hanging out with Herman, Lily, and Grandpa in front of a cherry-red bay window, and the second shows the actual setup of the scene they’re filming. A notable element of these photos is the costume Herman is wearing, which appears to be a design inspired by a Hawaiian shirt decorated with skulls and crossbones. Check out his post below:

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This costume is exceptionally casual for the Frankensteinian patriarch. As a rule, he is seen in a more elegant costume, mimicking the appearance of burial clothes. While script details are slim at this time, this preview may reveal that one of the upcoming storylines will send the monstrous family on vacation. This movement would imitate both The Addams Family and the third Hotel Transylvania film.

So far, it is difficult to say exactly how many The Munsters will look like the original series or its later projects. Rob Zombie’s typical approach to filmmaking doesn’t seem to fit well into the comic book register, even so broadly that it includes a costume like the one shown above. It could certainly lend an interesting intensity that could quite possibly elevate the comedy further than it would in the hands of another director.

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Source: Rob Zombie/Instagram

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