WILLMAR – On Memorial Day weekend, Detective Nick Ardoff from the The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind boaters to guard against the spread of invasive species and to navigate the county’s waterways safely.

“Obviously, zebra mussels have established a strong foothold in the lakes in our region. However, they are not yet present in all of our lakes and it would be nice if it stayed that way,” Ardoff wrote in an email. , adding that the stellate chickweed is also close to Lake Koronis and poses a significant threat to the county’s lakes.

Boaters are required to clean all visible aquatic plants, mud and debris from their boat and trailer before leaving a water access point, drain all water-related equipment, and dump all water-related equipment. ” remove any unwanted bait. It is also illegal to transport prohibited invasive plants or animals that are dead or alive.

Brandon Rothstein prepares his boat to fish with his then 9-year-old son Isaiah Rothstein on Nest Lake in Spicer for the 2020 Minnesota Fishing Opener in this May 9, 2020 file photo. law enforcement and safety remind boaters heading for Memorial Day weekend that more new boat owners are expected to be on the water in 2021 than any other year in history after record sales of boats last year.

“As far as boating safety is concerned, the waters in our region have had low levels in recent years and so far this year does not appear to be any different,” Ardoff wrote. “There are many hazards that cannot / cannot be marked on the lakes in the region. It is difficult to get people to be aware of the hazard markers that are on the lakes and to respect them by staying far enough away from them. “

Ardoff stressed how important it is to follow the rules and laws regarding water safety before going out for fun. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources publishes a guide each year that describes in plain language all of the rules necessary to navigate safely in Minnesota. The guide can be found on the DNR’s website at dnr.state.mn.us and search for materials for “Minnesota Boating Guide.”

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Parents should also ensure that minor children are allowed to use the equipment safely before sending them out on the water.

Jet skis also have a unique set of rules that are different from boats which can also be found on the MNR website at and search for documents for “Watercraft Laws”.

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