President Martha E. Pollack sent the following statement to the Cornell community on November 9:

For all of us here on campus it has been difficult and scary days. Sunday’s bomb threat, followed two days later by today’s shelter-in-place as a gunman was chased near the north campus, would have been stressful enough in ordinary times. As it stands, they add further to the disruption and tension of the past 20 months that we are all already feeling.

As previously announced, all preliminaries scheduled for tonight will be rescheduled. I ask all of you to take the time to take care of yourself and others. Check in with your families and friends; recognize that this is an exceptionally stressful time; and if you feel that you are struggling, remember that there is many options available on campus who can help you.

Community support meetings will be held tonight and tomorrow. Tonight’s meetings will be held at the following locations at 8:00 p.m.:

  • office 100, Barnes room;
  • One World Room (basement), Anabel Taylor Hall; and
  • Virtual Zoom

Tomorrow’s meeting will be in the Great Hall at Akwe: kon at 7 p.m.

I would like to publicly thank our Cornell University Police Department for their swift response to these two episodes, as well as the many other local and regional law enforcement agencies for all of their work in keeping our community safe. .

Thanks also to the staff at Cornell, especially the Cornell emergency services staff; the Ithaca fire department; and Bangs Ambulance; who responded quickly and professionally to these potential crises. And I am grateful to everyone, throughout our community, for remaining calm and following the necessary instructions to deal with these emergencies.

I hope, with all of you, that the weeks left before our well-deserved Thanksgiving break will be peaceful.

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