The MOBA game Pokemon unite features various playable Pokémon that players can control against each other. Since the game’s release last July, new characters and costumes have been added to the game to delight gamers.

At this moment, Pokemon unite has already added several new playable Pokémon to the game, including some popular Pokémon. One of them is the powerful Water-type Blastoise Pokémon of the Kanto region, the last evolved form of Squirtle after Wartortle. Blastoise was added to the game in September, and Pokemon unite announced another revelation for Blastoise on December 30.


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Pokemon unite revealed that Blastoise will be getting a new costume called Tuxedo Style Blastoise, and the new costume is now available in-game. The announcement came from the official Twitter account of Pokemon unite where it says that Tuxedo Style Blastoise “drips out of style”. The overall reaction to the post has been mostly positive with many commentators delighted to see Blastoise in the new costume.

At the time of writing, Pokemon unite did not reveal how much the Blastoise Style Tuxedo Suit will cost in-game. However, Blastoise isn’t the only Pokémon to receive a tuxedo suit at the end of the year. Pokemon unite made two more reveals on the same day, the first being that the Pokemon Greedent would join the New Years Eve party as Tuxedo Style Greedent. The second was that Slowbro, the evolved form of Slowpoke, would also receive a new costume as the Tuxedo Style Slowbro. Both Pokemon tuxedo costumes are also available now in Pokemon unite.

This is not the first costume for Blastoise that has been added to the game. After the large Water-type Pokémon was first added to Pokemon unite, Blastoise received a costume called Holowear Blastoise. Similar to the tuxedo style, this costume made the Big Pokemon more chic with a boater hat, pointy vest, brooch and clutch bag. In order for players to get the Holowear Blastoise, they had to spend 400 Aeos Gems in Pokemon unite to get it. Blastoise then received a firefighter costume with a jumpsuit, helmet, and goggles which cost 1,200 Aeos Gems in-game.

As the game added Blastoise, Pokemon unite had over 20 playable Pokémon for players to choose from. Then after that, the game continued to add more Pokémon, most notably the Dragon-type Dragonite Pokémon which was made available on December 19th. Dragonite was added to the game as part of Pokémon Unite winter-themed event and would join the game’s Pokemon roster, including Lucario, Tsareena, Machamp, Charizard, and Blastoise to name a few.

Pokemon unite is now available on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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