“The way we teach it is that your feet have to set the timing and the tempo, and your eyes follow,” Rhule said. “I think the most important thing is that, get his feet back under him, get the tempo right, I think when you go back and watch the great quarterbacks that have been playing for a long time, the Aaron Rodgerses, the Tom Bradys that they have. so many reps and so much experience and they’ve played their way through the good times and the bad, they can kind of self-regulate.

“Sam is working so hard and trying to get through to the next week and the next week and the next workout, and I think I take some time today with me, and some time. with him hopefully and some time with Sean hopefully to go back and tell him what it looked like when you did it right. Hope that gave him a mental picture of what I have to do. We have to bring it back to that. “

When Darnold was in the kind of pace they wanted against the Saints in Week 2, the whole offense rolled out. They also converted 8 of 15 third downs, compared to 2 of 15 against the Giants. This allows the attack to flow and the defense to breathe, which helps the whole system.

And while Rhule was not going to comment on the news about the possibility of negotiating for another quarterback, he said he was confident they could return Darnold to his previous form.

“I feel really good with Sam,” Rhule said. “Obviously it wasn’t a great game that last game. I think at the end of the day when Sam comes back and looks at himself, or our whole team comes back and looks at each other against the New Brunswick Saints. Orleans, we see exactly what he is and was a can be, and we have to bring him back to that place … …

“I focus on Sam and bring him back to the level he was playing at. That has to be everyone’s goal, the O-line, the receivers, everyone.”

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