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Strictly fans will remember Ola and James jordan for their incredible performances on the hit dance show between 2006-2015. Ola has appeared on Strictly for 10 series and James for eight, blowing viewers with their incredible dance routines.

Now retired from the show, the couple are enjoying every minute of being parents to sweet one-year-old Ella.

In their HELLO! chronic this week, pro dancers show Ella some of Ola alumni Strictly costumes – and the video is really cute.

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WATCH: Ella tries on Ola’s Strictly outfits!

Ella also makes us laugh when we ask what the family is doing today. Ola tells us, “Well, daddy is going to play golf”, then comes the cutest response from their little girl, who says, “Oh no!”

Find the news of the Jordans below …

Ola Strictly disguises!

In the video above, we see Ola and James take their baby girl Ella to their gorgeous walk-in closet to see mom’s old dance outfits.

James adds: “I was shocked at how small they were, it was crazy. This gold outfit was from years ago, before. Strictly. “

“These are costumes that I really keep for Ella, so she can see mom’s costumes,” says Ola. “Over the years I’ve had hundreds of dance outfits, but there’s no point in keeping everything. I keep the stages, I guess. I keep the wetsuits – I always hope I’ll put one on. ! “

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Ola and James in their Strictly days

Has Ola tried on any of these gorgeous costumes lately?

Ola admits, “No, I wouldn’t even try it!” with James brazenly adding, “She wouldn’t even have a leg!”

And where are all of James’ sequined shirts, we wonder … “I was never really a guy in a sequin shirt,” he said.. “I was always black pants and a black or white top.”

Ella’s reaction

So what did Ella do with all the sparkly clothes?

Ola tells us, “Ella had never seen my Strictly outfits before. It was the first time, and she was like ‘Whoaaa! What is this?’

“She loved it, didn’t she? She went straight for the bags!”


Mom Ola and baby Ella

“She didn’t want to take the outfits off. Every time we tried to take a costume off she wouldn’t let us do it. It was really cute. Her favorite was the blue fringed. I put it on her and her. loved it. “

Has Ella seen videos of mom and dad dancing Strictly?

Ola says, “No, she didn’t.”

“We will do that next week!” James laughed.

“We’re going to make a movie and show him that,” Ola said. “I don’t think she’ll recognize me! Lots of makeup and skimpy and tiny costumes and everything!”


Sweet Ella Jordan in her bedroom

Strictly gossip

We remember the beautiful Ola Strictly held well – all those tight catsuits and dresses barely there.

Die-hard fans will recall that skimpy outfits were replaced with more modest costumes after a while. So why was that?

Ola explains, “This is the company that makes the dresses that then sells them – and if they are too thin, they cannot reuse them. So I think that’s why they started covering everyone up! “

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Ola in one of her stunning dance dresses

“The first year I did the show, I think it was the first year they did skimpy costumes. I used to wear dresses like that on the dance floor anyway and I felt good in it, so I wanted something similar on Strictly.

“For me they were normal but when I continued Strictly everyone was like, ‘Woah! She wears skimpy costumes’.

“Vicky from DSI, the company that makes the costumes, is absolutely amazing. I remember the first catsuit she made for me, James sat down with her and said what we wanted, she put it on on paper and that’s how it happened. “

Strictlythe new dancers

The BBC1 show this year welcomes four new dancers Kai Widdrington, Nikita Kuzmin, Cameron Lombard and Jowita Przystal.

“Jowita is a Polish girl that I know,” Ola tells us. “She was going to be part of our tour which we unfortunately had to cancel. She’s a lovely girl, so good luck to her.”

We ask what it was like when new dancers joined Strictly?

Ola reveals: “It was pretty exciting, I guess, having new people around us.”

James jokes, “Yeah, that wasn’t for me because they were always younger and sexier! Before, it bothered me to have to stand next to them and look old and fat. ! “

“It’s the honest truth!” said Ola. “In the end, that’s one of the things… come on, I can’t do this anymore.”

“I’ll admit it,” James said. “I’m bitter about people’s ages! ” he’s laughing.

And Ola says what we all think: “This is why we watch Love Island – our bodies dream of being like this!”