So far we have seen a nice period of weather in May, as well as summer temperatures. It’s the very warm temperatures that have many flocking to the lakes to enjoy their favorite water activities…fishing, boating, kayaking and more. This time of year you need to be extra careful when out on the water with still cold lake water temperatures.

What do you want to know

  • Warmer highs have flocked to the lakes a lot
  • The first fishing and navigation seasons have begun
  • The water temperature of the lake is still cold at this time of the year
  • Take extra precautions to stay safe this time of year

I’ve been talking about 70 and even 80 for several days last week, but for people who live on the shores of Lake Ontario, it’s a very different forecast. The water temperatures for parts of Lake Ontario are still in the 40’s, so when you travel from a warm place inland and head out to the lake, you will find that you have to dress much warmer before going out on the water.

Early season fishing is ongoing and anglers should wear layers and wind protective gear while on the water. The winds blowing through these cooler waters of the lake create cool conditions and you should be ready to bundle up. Boaters who have their boats in the water and traveling at higher speeds will find it gets cold quickly, even on a sunny day.

When kayaking this time of year, it’s even more important to be prepared. When water temperatures are this cold, it may be best to kayak a smaller waterway or wait for things to warm up. If you are more experienced, wearing a full wetsuit protects you if you fall in the water.

Whatever you like to do on the water, be sure to check out our forecast on the Spectrum News app and on Weather on the 1s and be safe!