Moon Knight sports a Tron-inspired costume in a cover variant of Secret Avengers, and it shows just how badly he wants his enemies to see him coming.

A Moon knight classic sci-fi movie inspired costume Tron points out how seriously he takes his dark boasting that he wants his enemies to see him coming. The costume appears on a cover variant for Secret Avengers # 7 in 2010 and was illustrated by Mark Brooks.

The variant covers were part of a series promoting the film Tron legacy. There were ten in all with Spider-Man, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Quicksilver, Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine. Half of them were directed by Mark Brooks while the other half were illustrated by Brandon Peterson. Although extremely cool, the “Tron-ified” costumes do not appear in actual stories. The closest real costume a hero wears that could appear in a Tron the movie is Spider-Man’s “Big Time” costume.


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Moon Knight is hard not to think about Tron also awesome costume. It has pretty much the same look as its standard costume, just with a lot more baked neon in it. Moon Knight is featured in an action pose, casting the mark Tron Identity discs (also called lightweight discs). While many refer to Moon Knight as Marvel’s Batman clone, there are many differences between them, one being their obvious difference in color scheme. Batman uses darkness as a tool, so he focuses on dark colors, mostly black. Moon Knight, however, is most often seen in white. Maybe it’s because he wants to look like the moon, but there’s another reason. Moon Knight says he dresses in white so his enemies can see him coming and be terrified when he arrives. This Tron The costume, which is covered in LED lights, takes this stunning swagger to an extreme dark. He screams “Look at me!”And can probably be seen a mile away.

Another ironic fact is that Moon Knight’s neon costume appears on the cover of Secret avengers. The Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato Jr. series focuses on an off-grid Avengers team working in secret. So having Moon Knight, one of its more brutal members, in a brilliantly lit costume that attracts attention is probably not the best decision. But again, the costumes are limited to the covers and don’t appear in any story.

Another cool little fact about the covers is that they appear in the short film. Tron: The next day. This film was featured on the Blu-Ray release of Tron legacy and fills the temporal gap between the first film and its sequel. Roy Kleinberg, a character from the Tron series, is featured in the film, and four of the covers can be seen hanging on the wall. This confirms that the cover with Moon knight in a shiny neon suit exists as a cannon in the Tron universe.

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