Women at the center of a beauty store robbery in Milwaukee on Tuesday, September 28, were captured on surveillance video.

Video from inside Value Beauty near 103rd and Silver Spring shows two women shamelessly stealing hair products, and it was just the start of a brutal afternoon for the store manager, Hugo Ramirez.

Milwaukee Police said things escalated when Ramirez approached the women in the parking lot. He was thrown to the ground when a suspected thief stepped on the accelerator and backed up his car with the doors still open.

Hugo Ramirez (right) on the ground after being struck by the open door of the fleeing suspect’s car in front of Value Beauty.

The 48-year-old needed stitches for a bad gash in the back of his head. He told FOX6 News it all started around noon Tuesday inside the store.

“This girl here is looking for what she wants to get, and this one is on the prowl to make sure there are no employees there,” Ramirez said as he watched. surveillance video.

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Ramirez said he thought the women were legitimate customers at first, but the video showed the opposite. A woman was seen sneaking behind the counter.

“They already knew what they wanted, and they’ve been through here,” Ramirez said.

Watching theft suspects at Value Beauty, one of the two women was crouched behind the counter.

Ramirez said the women snatched around $ 800 in bundles of weaving – emptying hooks of items ranging from $ 70 to $ 90. Then the video captured their transfer. One woman threw the objects at the other, this woman then grabbed the objects and put them in her purse.

“We don’t want trouble, all we want is our business,” Ramirez said. “We’re just trying to make a living.”

Value Beauty’s suspected theft vehicle flees, the car doors still open after hitting the manager.

That’s when Ramirez and a few other employees approached the women in the parking lot – something he, in hindsight, wishes they hadn’t done.

“When she returned all of my things to me, she decided to start the engine,” Ramirez said. “I could have lost my life when she crushed me.”

Ramirez also suffered scratches and bruises to his arms and legs. Milwaukee Police said they were looking for unknown suspects; anyone with information is urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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