Victim stabbed twice was able to escape, police say

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man who thought he was meeting a woman he met on a dating app ended up being assaulted, beaten up and left for dead, police said.

Police said the victim spoke to a woman on an app called Chispa for four days before the September 4 incident. The victim told police he believed he was meeting the woman for pizza at a house near Lamb Boulevard and Washington Avenue, but when he entered the house a man confronted him with a gun and another man helped attack him, police said.

The two men, later identified as Joaquin Carrasco, 42, and Andres Cruz, 22, then tied the victim with duct tape and demanded money. They took the victim’s wallet and used his card at several ATMs, police said.

The men entered the house and threatened with death, police said. The men put the victim in the back of a truck and took him to an isolated location where one of the men stabbed him twice. The men then left the victim, police said. The location was not disclosed.

The victim was able to escape and call for help. He was taken to the university medical center with still duct tape on his hands, police said.

Police were able to locate Carrasco and Cruz through surveillance footage, they said. As part of the investigation, the victim was able to provide the police with information about the house.

When police arrived, they noticed a car in the driveway matching the description in the surveillance videos, they said. A surveillance team also saw a woman matching the description of the woman the victim had met online.

Police say they first arrested Cruz, who, during a phone call in prison, told a person in Spanish to “tell the cousin to separate”. The police later learned that Cruz was talking about his cousin, Carrasco.

Carrasco and Cruz have both been sentenced to a long list of charges, including attempted murder and extortion. Both men were being held on $ 100,000 bond. Police have not released his reservation photos.

Two weeks ago, the I-Team reported the increase in the number of criminals using dating apps to lure victims.

Many of these incidents go unreported, police said, and Metro does not have a definitive figure on how often they occur. The best advice the police give is to go on a date in public and never isolate yourself until you really know what that potential mate is like.

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