Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 7 episode “One Mask Hurrah”. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer pulled another one dreaded double elimination in its last episode, and I only say “dreaded” because that’s how the series had already lost some of his best talents in season 7. The same was true in “One Mask Hurrah” when space bunny turned out to be “Mr. Shaggy, the lead singer of Boombastic, and queen cobra were the popular female singing group Fashionable. Of course, being a successful music group can only help so much on the Fox series, as the women of En Vogue spoke about the restrictive challenges of their costumes.

En Vogue, which presents Terry Ellis, Rhona Bennetand Cindy Heroncaught up with CinemaBlend and talked about the challenges of acting on The Masked Singer. Herron spoke of some difficulties associated with the masks, but noted that compared to other competitors, it could have been worse. She says:

Compared to some of the other costumes we’ve seen? We got away with it pretty easily. From what we understand, some of these costumes are very heavy and very restrictive. For us, the most restrictive part of our costume was the masks themselves because, inside, they were just designed to sit on top of our heads and some of their weight was on our shoulders.

The competitors on The Masked Singer often talk about struggle with their masksand Duff Goldman accidentally unmasked earlier this season. Fans have heard many times that the masks are uncomfortable and, at times, very difficult to see, but no two masks are ever the same.

En Vogue confirmed they had trouble seeing Queen Cobra masks when performing on The Masked Singer (and you can rewatch the episodes with a Hulu subscription), but that’s not the only problem they’ve endured. Cindy Herron explained how the weight of the masks on their shoulders made them feel constrained and aware of the movements they were making to hit certain notes.

As singers, when you’re trying to hit a note, you never realize how much you’re using your body when you’re really trying to do something. You could stretch your neck or use your shoulders. It was all restricted. We didn’t have that movement.

Obviously, it’s a bit difficult to sing at full power with extra weight on your body. That said, the Queen Cobras managed to get through most of their songs without a hitch, which goes to show just how talented they are.

Aside from the mask issues, there were also some issues with the suits. While viewers might assume the Queen Cobras had the chance to sing in bodysuits rather than cramped crab costumes or whatever, Cindy Herron noted that there were a few downsides.

The bodysuits were tight. So as a singer we are taught to breathe through our diaphragm and let it stretch like a big tire. But we didn’t want to do that and pop the stomachs out in a way that everyone could see! So we had to redirect the air and probably breathe more into our chests, which is not true. Then we were choreographed, so we got a little out of breath. Especially on “Say A Little Prayer”. I was so out of breath at the end.

I can totally respect not wanting to bust your stomach out on prime time TV and agree that it would make anyone uncomfortable. Possibly wearing some of the bulkiest costumes in The Masked Singer isn’t so bad, at least for those who worry about how they look on TV. At least En Vogue doesn’t have to worry about that anymore and can breathe easy with the weight of the Queen Cobra helmets officially on their shoulders.

The Masked Singer broadcast on Fox Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. The fun is still going strong on Season 7, but it won’t be long until the season finale is here, so be sure to catch up on all the candidates eliminated so far and be ready!

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