Mayor Rhys Williams was forced to step on the plank of Mandurah’s pirate ship just days after starting his second term.

There were no harsh feelings, it was just a presentation hosted by Mandurah Marine Rescue to celebrate their 60se year of operation.

Mandurah Marine Rescue Public Relations Officer Paul Durkin said the event was designed to educate the public about water safety in a fun and engaging way.

“We want this to be an inaugural event and we plan to do it every year at the start of the summer season.

“This is a safe summer boating exhibit on the water.

“We thought ‘what could we do to educate the people of Mandurah about water safety? “

HELP HAS ARRIVED: Mandurah Marine Rescue helps Mayor Williams out of the water on one of their rescue missions. Photo: Rhys Williams.

The event, which took place on October 31, saw Mandurah’s beloved pirates take Mayor Williams to their boat, where he stepped on the board and ended up in the water.

Mandurah Marine Rescue was there to save the day, showing the public how they perform a typical rescue and bringing the mayor to safety.

Mayor Williams took to Facebook to document his experience with pirates and maritime rescue.

“I’m not sure if I would expect this for the start of my second term … kidnapped by local pirates, mutiny and then forced to walk the plank,” he wrote.

“Thank you to the Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue Group for being there to save me, as they have done in these local waters for the past 60 years.”