A BOAT says the moorings on the Oxford Canal are among the worst and most dangerous it has seen in the UK.

Richard MacKenzie, known as Rich, travels waterways across the country making and selling recycled jewelry with his family.

When he arrived in Oxford earlier this month, he said he was disappointed to see the riverbank walls collapse and potholes open – and he said others boaters avoided the city for this reason.

The 41-year-old, born in Oxford and raised in Bicester, told The Oxford Mail: “Boaters don’t want to come here, which is a real shame. It’s a real disappointment. I’m incredibly proud of the Oxford Canal, but every time we talk to boaters they say, ‘Oh, we never go down to Oxford, we turn off and go down the Thames. The boaters are really adorable but the moorings are atrocious “.

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Pothole along the Oxford Canal

“And that’s why we’re running out of boaters coming in. Oxford is one of the stopovers, but they don’t come here because it’s not safe.”

While mooring his boat at Hythe Bride Arm a few weeks ago, Rich noticed that part of the shoreline wall – which he said was 30cm deep and half a yard wide – was on the verge of collapsing. collapse. “It’s ready to go,” he said.

“The problem with the side of the canal is that it’s a stone wall and that wall collapsed. When you get to shore, your foot drops into the ground and you can’t put the boat to the side because obstacles are stopping you, ”he added.

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Oxford Mail: Pothole along the Oxford CanalPothole along the Oxford Canal

The Oxford Canal is 78 miles long and connects Oxford to Bedworth via Banbury and Rugby.

The boater says he previously spoke to the Canal and River Trust about the situation, but went public on Tuesday by tweeting the Trust directly in the hopes it would fix the issues once and for all.

He added: “It would be so good to sort it out so that we can tell boaters that the moors have been fixed – not that they are rubbish.”

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Oxford Mail: Rich and his familyRich and his family

The Canal and River Trust said “a great job” has been done along the canal in partnership with Oxford City Council and “will invest several thousand pounds” in work to improve the riverbanks. channel “in various places” over the coming year.

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He continued, “However, as a charity, we are constantly seeking help and funds to improve this incredible green and blue space for the enjoyment of boaters and residents.”

The Trust also said the replacement of the Wolvercote lift bridge has been delayed until the new year, “but it is still on the major work list for this winter.”

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