A newly unearthed promotional banner for Thor: Love and Thunder gives fans their best look at Thor and Jane’s redesigned outfits.

A newly discovered promotional banner for Thor: Love and Thunder reveals the best fan look yet for Thor and Jane Foster’s new costumes.

The image, posted to Twitter by @lovethundernews, features the film’s electrifying protagonists as they seemingly fly through space. Thor can be seen wielding Stormbreaker while Jane, adorned in her Asgardian armor, wields the Reforged Mjolnir. While previously unveiled LEGO toys and sets hinted that the character’s costumes would get a major overhaul, the banner is the clearest look yet at their new outfits. Thor’s armor is mostly blue with gold accents while Jane’s is mostly silver with red streaks.

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The purpose of the banner is currently unknown but some fans suspect it will serve as the basis for a pot of popcorn that may be offered to audiences viewing the film in theaters. Some believe these images will act as variants, as another recent leak revealed a different set of popcorn containers that feature the protagonists in a similar pose alongside close-ups of their respective weapons.

While Thor: Love and Thunder is only months away from launch, Marvel Studios has yet to release the first trailer for the film. While some fans have expressed concerns about the lack of formal marketing material, some believe the trailer may not be too far off. A photo from the film’s press tour was recently highlighted as a potential clue as to when audiences can expect to see their first glimpse of the upcoming Thor film. The image features stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson seated alongside director Taika Waititi, all of whom raise their hands in different patterns. Some fans took that to mean a trailer would finally arrive on April 11.

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Waititi has previously joked about the film’s progress, teasing that since love and thunder should arrive in July, the film would not be finished until the month before. “It’s still not over,” Waititi said. “It comes out in July, so probably the end of June. Probably a day before the premiere. That’s how we do it.” The last Thor reportedly went through several major rounds of reshoots, but it’s still unclear if these had any impact on the film’s marketing campaign.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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