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Halloween takes place once a year and offers a tempting opportunity to tackle the news. Should you dress up as a sexy (comfortable) Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Holmes? The boat that got stuck in the Suez Canal?

Or this year, maybe you think it would be fun to dress up as a vaccine? Personally, I would rather binge on mini Snickers in peace than remind myself once again that we are still in the grip of what is now a potentially soluble pandemic – if only people were immune – but each their own.

It all started, as all Halloween woes do, with a sexy costume, which includes a needle cap that sure won’t scare people any less of the vaccine. Soon after, Katy Perry, who has a well-told story of chaotic costumes, joined in. She appears to have ordered a giant syringe-shaped sheath bearing her name. Her partner, Orlando Bloom, dressed up as a doctor with a “Dr. Dilf” to coordinate and posted a photo of the two of them with the truly haunting caption, “I vaxed a girl and I liked it. ” Logistically, I have a hard time doing the math on this one, since Katy Perry is the vax, so how could he also vax her? But at least those reworked lyrics are less of a problem than the original.

Then there’s figure skater Adam Rippon, who took a different take on the topic and put together a hugely elaborate tribute to Nicki Minaj’s series of vaccine-skeptical tweets from earlier this year. You know, those who forced several world leaders to clarify that there was no validity to his claims about the balls of his cousin’s friend? Rippon donned a “Beam Me Up, Scotty” shirt, a bloody arm bandage and strategically placed balloons to honor those misinformed missives, in addition to drawing a parody vaccine card for his “Modernatron” vaccination.

Vaccine costumes are, of course, the only logical successors to vaccine selfies. It remains to be seen if these costumes will scare someone into having their picture taken, but hopefully I guess?

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