Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William are on their final day of their visit to the Caribbean, and the Duchess has served up extremely eye-catching ensembles.

The Duchess of Cambridge, according to fashion stylist Lucas Armitage, has dazzled with her most exciting touring wardrobe yet and is entering a new era in fashion at the age of 40.

Kate appears to have ditched her “royal manicured tweed uniform” in favor of more “fashionable” outfits, according to Lucas.

“His new style is more ‘popular and less stately’,” he remarked.

“Over the past two decades, the Duchess of Cambridge has projected a flawless image.

“She was the poster girl for the Sloane ranger ensemble with her shimmering blow-dried locks and perfectly put-together uniform of tweeds and pearls.

“So to see her step away from that archetypal look is both shocking and exciting in equal measure.

“Gone are the waxed Barber jackets and sleek denim that cemented her as a Kensington style icon, generating a bolder new vibe that shuns the streets of Chelsea and looks to the catwalks for inspiration.

“No royal tour has seen Kate trendier than this and I loved watching her daily Caribbean looks.”