Game room gamers are used to occupying user-created spaces or playing with user-created accessories, but what about portable devices? While costumes have been available for Rec Room for some time, the game now allows players to create and wear more complex costumes that are fully animated by limb and body movements. Like so many other things you do in Rec Room, everything is accessible through your Maker Pen.

Go to the Maker Pen palette – the option to make these costumes isn’t very clear at first, but you’ll find it in the Gadgets category. From there, tap CV2 Gadgets, then search for Full Body Costume Dummy. This will allow you to appear in a costumed mannequin with limbs and joints, and it will be in a tee pose by default.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

From there, this costume mannequin is your canvas. Use the shapes from the Maker palette and create a costume to your liking, but keep the joints in mind – there are 17 body parts you can tweak, such as separate parts of an arm or a leg. , or the individual hands and feet, compared to the three body parts you can modify in the original costume mannequin.

Game Room Costumes
Screenshot by Gamepur

Make sure to switch from Edit mode to Configure mode on your Maker Pen to find more advanced options, such as hiding outfit items. You’ll want to consider the pose options, as you can place your mannequin in different poses, which will definitely help you if you’re having trouble getting the right parts and components in the right place, or if you want to see how certain parts of your body work. costume will actually move.

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