A 70-year-old man drowned while another swam to shore to alert rescuers after a boating accident off Green Head.

At 8:30 am, two men, aged 71 and 72, pulled a “small dinghy” off Dynamite Bay in Greenhead, 20 miles north of Jurien Bay.

The two, who are believed to be friends, were about 2.5 miles off the coast when “the ship ran into trouble” and capsized, said Mid West-Gascoyne Police District Inspector Tony Jeavons .

He said it was not yet clear how the crash happened, but that it may have been lines of crayfish traps as both men were thrown into the water.

One of the men, a resident of Jurien Bay, managed to swim to shore where he arrived around 10 a.m. and alerted authorities to the incident.

Jurien Bay and Leeman Volunteer Sea Search and Rescue groups were deployed with Pol Air 61, RAC Heli Rescue 651 and a JRCC Jet.

The second man was located by police at around 12:50 p.m. but drowned, his body being transported to Leeman for a coronary inquest.

It is not yet known whether the couple were wearing life jackets.

Earlier today, Terry, a local, told 6PR that one of the men had made it back ashore, but there was no sign of the other boat.

“I was just talking to a friend of mine and apparently the boat capsized and a guy came ashore… he swam to shore, but they’re looking for the other person. And that was about four hours ago, ”he said.

Emergency and sea search and rescue services had scanned the waters and land nearby, while a police helicopter searched from above.

“There were a few helicopters and rescue boats in Dynamite Bay and focusing on the north end of Dynamite Bay,” Terry said.

“There are a few ambulances here and the police … there is one police car left here and the parking lot is packed.”

Terry said the weather and conditions were perfect for boating.

“This morning was absolutely beautiful, it was a picture perfect,” he said.

“So what happened, I don’t know. There was no big swell or anything.

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