Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) Blasted a bipartisan bill calling for billions in spending on science and technology research as only he could on Monday, saying his Republican supporters had “brain-swapped” with Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “was running like a 5-year-old in Batman costume” at the prospect of his passing.

“It’s an orgy of spending and very little money goes to the military,” the famed Kennedy people told Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” of the Endless Frontier Act, which is co-sponsored by seven Republicans – including big names like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Mitt Romney of Utah – and six Democrats, including Schumer.

The bill is touted by its supporters as an effort to bolster America’s technological superiority in the face of the growing threat from China.

“Right now, the Chinese Communist Party insists that the United States is a divided nation,” Senate co-sponsor Todd Young (R-Ind.) said in a press release last month. “This is a rare opportunity to show authoritarians in Beijing and around the world that, when it comes to our national security, and especially our Chinese policy, we are united.”

Senator John Kennedy speaks at a meeting of the US Senate Appropriations Committee.
Kennedy mocked the National Science Foundation for saying it spent half a million dollars studying “how long it takes pandas to poop.”

However, Kennedy argued, “My mother didn’t raise a fool, and if she did, it was one of my brothers. This is not a “fight against communism” bill. If you look at this bill and study it, you will see that it is an “every four feet and your muzzle in the hollow” spending bill with virtually no money for the bill. military defense. “

After Kennedy held 12 stacks of bound pages to show the size of the bill to house Tucker Carlson, he checked off a list of unrelated provisions.

“This is what the bill will do,” he said. “$ 120 billion in foreign aid. I don’t know why we can’t use that money for infrastructure. I don’t know why we have to give money to countries that hate us. They should be able to hate us for free. “

Kennedy also called for a provision in the bill setting aside “$ 80 billion for the infamous National Science Foundation.” This is the same National Science Foundation that spent $ 500,000 of taxpayer dollars to study how long it takes pandas to poop.

“The answer is 12 minutes, by the way,” Kennedy said unmoved. “They need more fiber.”

The Republican lawmaker added that while he was not saying “not every penny here is a waste, I am saying a huge amount is, and here we are talking about President Biden raising taxes to pay for infrastructure.” Why can’t we use some of this money to pay for infrastructure? That’s all I’m saying.

“Everyone in Washington is for fiscal responsibility. They want to cut spending, ”Kennedy concluded. “But everyone in Washington – it’s like going to heaven. They want to go to heaven, but they don’t want to make the trip.

The bill is currently being debated in the Senate and Kennedy has acknowledged that “it will probably pass.”

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