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Vaccination warrant for illegal county employees leads to 714 counts of violating the law

Tallahassee, Florida —Under Governor DeSantis’s direction, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) issued a Notice of Violation to the Leon County Government assessing fines totaling $ 3,570,000 for its blatant violation of the Passport Ban Law vaccines in our state. This fine was imposed for 714 cases of violation of Florida’s ban on vaccine passports. The Leon County government ultimately laid off 14 employees. A copy of the Leon County Notice of Violation can be found here.

“It is unacceptable that Leon County violated Florida law, violated the medical confidentiality of current and former employees, and fired loyal public servants because of their personal health decisions,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We will continue to fight for the rights of Floridians and the Florida Department of Health will continue to uphold the law. We will defend the jobs of Floridians, defend the livelihoods of Floridians and defend freedom.”

“The dismissal of employees who work hard for vaccine passports has real and lasting consequences. This leads to resentment in the workplace and job loss has an impact on individual and public health, ”said Surgeon General of the State, Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “Individuals have every right to choose the best way to protect themselves and their families, and the Department will continue to enforce this law. “

On July 28, the Leon County government required its employees to provide an immunization check to its human resources department by October 1. On October 4, Leon County fired 14 employees for refusing or failing to meet this requirement. The Leon County government has required 700 of their employees to provide this proof in order to keep their jobs.

As Leon County broke the law and received a multimillion dollar fine notice, other local governments backed down. Last week, after alerting the city of Gainesville to their possible violation of the Florida vaccination passport ban, the Florida Department of Health received a response indicating that the city of Gainesville has rescinded its mandate to vaccinate employees. The reversal also follows a temporary injunction from the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court preventing vaccine warrants for city employees.

Last month, Governor DeSantis hosted an event to bolster Florida’s commitment to defending officials against government vaccine mandates. Last May, Governor DeSantis signed a landmark law banning vaccine passports in Florida. The Senate Bill of 2006 specifically prohibits Florida government entities from requiring any person, including an employee, to provide proof of vaccination or post-infection recovery to gain access to, enter, or serve in. from their operations. The law imposes a fine of $ 5,000 per offense.

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