The family of Malcolm Ziglar, a 14-year-old handcuffed by Fuquay-Varina police in January over a dirt bike he didn’t steal, reacts to body cam video released over the weekend showing the encounter.

Perhaps your officer was in training but you don’t get to train when my son’s life is at stake Your officer further intimidated my son Your department further intimidated me because you kept saying that it is a crime to be in possession of a stolen dirt bike But you left out a significant word knowingly It is a crime to knowingly be in possession of a stolen dirt that my son made repeated attempts to inform your department Your officers How many times did he tell them I did not steal the dirt bikes Can I go get the bill of sale Mhm But y’all didn’t hear him You continue to keep him in the back of a police car He was searched had to open his mouth What could he have been hiding in his mouth But you showed the narrative of the other teenager First where he was treated with dignity and he was treated with respect And he was told that he was being detained and based on his words that officer use the proper judgment and let him out of handcuffs But when you realized things went wrong you try to fix it by saying that he was in the back of the police car because of safety But please feel quite Verena Police Department Tell me what made my son scary to you Why was it a safety issue There were two teenagers here One was released and seen as safe The other one was put in the back of a police car Why was he unsafe Why was it because you said that he did not live here The other teenager But do you not know how much time he spends here Mhm Could he have not been a threat You say that it was not race Was it the sweatshirt Was it his words Because my son acted appropriately So please tell me what made you afraid You’re cops outnumbered my son My my husband was here but for some reason it wasn’t deemed safe to let him go Or did you have to change the narrative You quit because you realized that the 10 95 that was dispatched over meant that he was arrested And then when you realized that you could not arrest a 14 year old child you changed the story hoping that no one would know this is not okay If you’re going to have to teenagers at the scene then treat them the same treat them with dignity and treat them with respect If you’re going to have to teenagers at the scene you cannot just here one and not here the other Yeah but you wanted to control the narrative You arrested my son You arrested him and the body Cam proves it The officer My son asked the officer if he was going downtown And your officer said yes Do not try to cover up Yeah what your department done Because I can’t cover up the trauma that has we my family has had to deal with last but not least to Mayor Byrne to your comment that it is clear that as you have gotten older the more out of touch you have become with the residents here in this community it is clear that your statement was made to appease your supporters It is clear that you do stand with fuckwit Verena Police department and it is also clear that the Public Safety Committee was indeed called to me because of the actions taking place by with my son And I believe Mayor Byrne that if this is not the case then we need to hear directly from Bill Harris on his intentions and the reason why he made the motion for the Public Safety Committee Because if memory serves me correctly Mayor Byrne he said in light of recent events in light of recent events Mayor Byrne means in light of what happened with my son and asked for moving our own mayor we do not just move on because you say so We don’t move on because there is no change We move on mayor when there is truth you may be used to controlling others but you don’t get to tell me Mayor Byrne You don’t get to tell many of the other residents in this community Mayor Byrne when we should move on But clearly this proves you are once out of touch with the residents in this community So today I call on the community that you have to make your voices heard You have to stand up Many have spoken with me privately Many have expressed their concerns with what happened but it is now time for you to stand This has not been easy for me nor for my family But it is now time for you to come alongside of us Because change will not just come For me speaking change will not just come through press conferences But change will have to come because there is work that we must do in this community We must stand together We must unite We must make our voices heard And let fuckwit Verena know that we will no longer cover up We will no longer sit on the sidelines We will no longer allow you to sweep these issues under the rug But we demand change our citizens Our residents in this community are worth it You cannot just be a mayor or commissioner for fuckwit You cannot just be a mayor or commissioner for Verena You must be a mayor in a commissioner for all a few quick Verena And so to the leaders of this town you can continue to a no ignore the issues that exist and you can turn a blind eye But I can assure you of this one thing The Lord is not pleased And if we do not get this right this test shall come again And may God have mercy on fuckwit Verena Thank yeah Uh once again my name is Dawn Blade grow I am the executive director of a man to Paint N c Oh and you have heard from this family of their ongoing trauma You have heard from this family Mhm what they saw when they looked at that video and the world of difference that exists between what they saw what we saw and what the leadership of Fuquay Varina saw and with the police department of Fuquay Varina saw So what are our next steps are next steps our action We are beyond conversations We no longer want to talk We will no longer be placated by a chief of police who has coffee shop and barbershop talks but is unwilling to put those transformative conversations into words and actions that are reflected in policy So here’s where we want to start First we would like for Fuquay Varina to release all of its policies as it relates to this standards protocols and procedures that the Fuquay Varina Police Department are held responsible to and accountable for upholding Specifically we would like to see the policy that speaks to how you should handle juveniles When law enforcement is interacting with Children in Fuquay Varina Let me be clear We have searched for other policies of this nature and found them We have found these policies on public display and easily searchable in Apex We have found them easily searchable And Garner Uh huh Why not food quavering If you want people to believe that you are committed to equity fairness and transparency then be transparent with your policies Second we have already demanded from the chief of police all of the reports that were written by the officers who responded on the scene We want to make sure mhm that what was reported on the record also matches what we saw in the video Because what we know for sure is that there was an officer in this video and I also want to make it clear that on the fuck Verena uh website when they released the Police Department’s website When they released this video they said there were three videos released In fact if you watch the entirety of the videos the two hour long video that was released there are actually four The fourth video which is at the very end and I encourage everyone here to watch is the video of what appears to be the training officer who was clearly deployed to the scene because there was a need for intervention There was a problem who came here and within 30 seconds within 30 seconds was able to readily identify that this situation should have been handled different and then went about correcting And that is commendable But it is not enough Because of that Officer found that there was a problem We need to understand why Fuquay Varina Police Department exonerated the officer who was involved and found that there was nothing to substantiate the grievance that was filed by this family See the problem here is the same problem that we have across law enforcement agencies not just in North Carolina but across the country And that is one of accountability Make no mistake the officer that kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes didn’t start breaking the rules Then I am sure he started with something small like being allowed to make a decision clearly based on race and prejudices to treat a young black man differently Excuse me not a man a young black boy differently like a criminal like a threat to treat that black child differently then the white child In essence that is the problem that is the elephant in the room And that is what we are talking about here today That is why we will keep fighting And that is why we will keep pushing because this is what we saw here was about race No matter whether we want to say it or not it is true The video solidifies that the white child was almost immediately taken out of handcuffs Not only was he taken out of handcuffs he astonishingly enough was allowed the privilege that Malcolm was not to go inside of this house and get the assistance of the adult inside Even after the father came out and spoke with the law enforcement officers they still kept Malcolm in handcuffs and allowed the white child the freedom to go inside and rummage around for receipts We have got to talk about the issue of racism the issue of criminalizing black Children the issue of imputing danger on Malcolm because of the color of the skin because in its essence that is what we see on that video and until this department is ready to have that conversation until the leadership of this town is ready to have that conversation then every black man woman and child in Fuquay Varina should be dubious of interactions with their law enforcement because they have made it clear by co signing this behavior by not condemning the behavior of this training officer that the fact that he allowed his personal biases and racist and we’re just gonna call it what it is his racism to dictate how he would deal with one child over another Until we are ready to have that conversation this department and this community needs to accept that you are not what you say you are You are not what you say You are your police officer Your police department is not doing what it’s supposed to do because it talks a good game But in action it supports upholds yeah and co signs actor the latent racist disparities in the way it’s officers treats its citizens This cannot stand thanks and emancipated C and a multitude of other organizations in this community who are doing this work who are holding law enforcement officers accountable so that we can create a world that is equitable and fair Where Malcolm’s were would have been enough for the officer to take a step back and allow him to go get the receipts inside of his house allow one of his neighbors to go and get his father We have got to talk about the racism that we see on full display in this video because at its heart that’s what all of this is about It’s about creating a world where Malcolm and his friend are treated equitably the same with the same level of dignity with the same level of humanity And I’ve given the same benefits of the doubt Thank you Are there any questions Yeah So when you guys send out the release one thing I said was um it was the body camera video was released without any heads up or anything Just talk about time of your reaction you know Saturday and finding out that this is now public and in front of everyone Uh well I start with telling them how you found out I found out from a friend of mine that sent me a text and said Hey tied The video is out So I had no idea that the video was about to be released Um I knew it was coming I did not know when And so that’s how I was able to do to find out that the video was available on the future during the Police Department’s website or their Facebook page Um and then obviously I was able to take sometime and just take a look and go through the video And you know in the beginning obviously it is disturbing some of the parts I had not seen initially I had only seen the part with my son before so I was able to see the interaction of the young lady and then followed by um the other a teenage boy But I just found it just I was appalled at the fact that they would show the one teenage boy whose parents did not want them to be involved to to be seen on the video They would start with that video and so immediately I do that you know they wanted to show what Uber Marina Police Department wanted to show was Hey we did everything right because my son the one that I requested The video to be released wasn’t shown into at least 15 minutes into the video It just doesn’t make sense that you would start with the other one but obviously we all know why they started with the video in which they started to be able to go through that you know so meticulously because I went back and after a couple of times to What’s that like for a mom it’s hard It’s hard to seek to sit and have to watch your child being searched It’s hard as a mother to have to see how to clearly see that how one child was treated then to clearly see how another child was treated Um it’s hard to have to hear the hard things for other people that you asked to analyze this for you and use their expertise when they say it was a 10 95 called in 10 95 means arrest I went to the police Department I wasn’t told that it was those things that I wasn’t told It clearly could have been said and this could have been a different way but for you to try to cover it up and make it appear that I would never find these things out It’s just not OK watching my son across the street being put in the back of a police car handcuffed asking for his dad people driving by and him being told I will get to that Why is that not important for a 14 year old child Why I I don’t understand that So it was hard for I could not sit and watch the whole thing straight through because it was just that hard But see the other part that isn’t shown is the return of the dirt bikes because the officer said over here in his cop car with his view blocked by the truck that set right here Wow that was the return was of the dirt bike I want to just say very briefly from a policy position What you just heard from time who again was able to see portions of the video prior to it being released publicly speaks directly to the need for the change To how police video how video is released Yeah Uh huh And who can see it right now in the statute the way it is written The only people that have access to those videos are someone who is either in the video or in this case the parent of a child who is in the video A lawyer that that family may be able to retain can also view it with that family or a guardian ad litem if that child has a guardian ad litem appointed The problem with this is that these are traumatic incidences Every family does not have access or the means to hire an attorney And because you are so closely related to so emotionally attached to the video that you are watching the first time you really do not have the full faculties to grasp everything that you are seeing We need a change to this statute so that a person who is viewing these videos can bring with them someone they trust someone who is an adviser someone who can be objective and support them while they are reliving this traumatic experience So when when Todd says that she was and her family was re traumatized it is because maybe on the second viewing maybe on the third viewing maybe on the fourth viewing you’re able to pick up small idiosyncratic things that you had missed previously because of your emotional state We need our General Assembly to actually care about our citizens and change the laws related to the release and the viewing a bodycam and dashcam footage so that family members who are being re traumatized have access to someone they trust to be able to think clearly and to be able to clearly identify the issues within that video And now we want to have Malcolm’s dad is going to speak to you all a little bit I just want to say that I think that I thought the rate that yeah aside from the races we need to focus on the actual trend of any officer whether it be the few great police department or any other city or time because clearly this officer wasn’t ready for the situation that he was in and we as citizens don’t sign off on him to come to our houses to protect us But he wasn’t ready There needs to be training and death in every police department and maybe even more people in the department that represents the neighborhoods they go into I’ve spoken to some of the police officers that view there’s not many black ones So even with the training whether they want to call it sensitivity training racial training whatever how are they going to get the knowledge to train the correct way without the proper representation I can’t change what happened to my son but hopefully we can prevent it happened to another child Thank you And again what you heard from Mr Ziegler is another policy issue It’s a policy of training It’s an issue of training It’s an issue of inclusiveness It’s an issue of making sure that all officers are culturally cognizant of whatever community members they have to interact with It is imperative it is imperative And again this is something that goes directly to our General Assembly and the training that is required in North Carolina to become a law enforcement officer Many of you may not know but it takes much less training to become an officer in the state of North Carolina than it does to become a barber in the state of North Carolina Mm that is a problem And again that is a problem that our General Assembly can resolve What we need are culturally competent law enforcement officers Mhm That is not what we saw here and in Fuquay Varina is attempt to skew the narrative by placing Malcolm’s and the Training Officers video deep into the two hours further exacerbated and outlined and highlighted the difference between the way these two Children were treated Because is Malcolm’s video looked like the video of his friend We wouldn’t be standing here And if we were standing here we will be standing here commending the apex Excuse me commending the Fuquay Varina police department for being culturally sensitive for being equitable and for putting their money and their actions where their mouths are But that is not what we saw but we will get there Question I know that you said that you were done talking at this point I’m just interested to know how are you going to make sure that change does happen How are you going to try to force their hand in changing color Well I’m hopeful that it does not take a force forcing them to change their hand forcing them to change policies We hope that upon reflection they will see the error of their own ways and self correct However if that does not happen we intend along with many community members to show up at city at city that town council meetings to ask for a seat at the table Commissioner Harris made it clear that the community needs to be involved in bridging this gap We want to make sure just like the both parents here have said that there is community involvement so that cultural competency can be built in to the policies Mhm We have a chief here that is commended for being progressive building gaps trying to create trust So again if that is really what she intends to do here now is the time to do Now is the time to act Number one Release your policies put them online Make them easy easily searchable so people can The community can review them and then listen to the voices of the community to give you feedback on blind spots Places where there are gaps in your training in your policies that allowed for situations like the one that happened here on January 30th That is how we will create change We will create change with them or we will elect people who are willing to let the community be a part of creating the change at the community needs And have you have you all requested the policies from them already and they haven’t given Those policies have been requested as long as well as a report All of the reports of the incident that happened here on January 30th so that we are able to review and compare what was written down and what actually happened And how long ago was that Just this morning Is there any um potential for legal action at this point Um I’ve been asked We are leaving our options open Uh we are going to explore whatever options we have but at this point there has been no decision made and we want to be clear Uh we would much rather address this situation with a scalpel of intention and deliberation and community and law enforcement coming together to create policies and procedures that make interactions with law enforcement safe for all people That is where we want to see this happen Litigation is a hammer of sorts And that is not a place any of us want to be What this family wants is to make sure that no other family has to stand here and talk to you about these same things And we will use whatever resources we need to make sure that that happens How is Malcolm doing right now Um yeah he’s doing okay you know trying to get back to normal Um and just hanging out with friends and sports and just trying to stay busy So we you know just trying to keep him out of the spotlight of all of this that he can you know just just allow him to be a teenager Um but like all my Children Uh huh We there There is some hesitancy with law enforcement and so we have to be careful And one more question just about the incident I must have missed this But so that officer that did detain your son He wasn’t training He was in training Or did they tell you he was in training That was if you watched Part of the body came when I came out and I asked them Why are all of you all here Um that’s one of the things that that was said during that discussion that one of the officers was in training So while he was since he was in training then he That’s why the supervising officer came Now to my understanding the fourth officer was not even zoned for this area He just came up just to make sure they had things under control is what I was told He did not get out of his vehicle but he was here on the scene and told when I asked them Why is he here He was then told to leave And just from a policy perspective I want to highlight and this is gonna be We’re gonna shut it down after this But we also want to highlight that law enforcement wants to be and professors to be professionals They are professionals And as a professional in a profession there are standard practices They should be standard policies and procedures that everyone knows understands and follows That is not what we saw happen in this case Specifically the officer told Malcolm he was being detained Arrest Well he didn’t tell him he was being arrested but he essentially treated him as though he was being arrested And just because you call it a detention if it walks like an arrest Talks like an arrest and quacks like an arrest It is an arrest no matter what name you give it He told Malcolm he was being detained because he was in possession of stolen property The officer that interacted with Malcolm’s father However if you watch the video said that Malcolm was being detained for safety reasons Which begs the question Which one is it What policy are we following There needs to be as professionals We need to see consistency And that lack of consistency with messaging and how you interact with people is what leads you to these types of desperate treatments So as professionals we need to see professional behavior from law enforcement That is what this family wants Thank you all for coming out and we are not going to take any more questions Thank you Yeah Oh this is the football Okay Oh it’s a lot It’s a lot

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