F9: Fast Saga Costume Designer Sanja Hays Reflects on Movie Series Costume Designs and Their Influence on Fashion Culture in America

The Fast Furioushe style has influenced Western culture since the premiere of her first film. The High Octane Series has a down-to-earth aesthetic with a sleek edge that influenced how an entire generation viewed fashion – especially in the United States, which adopted the LA-inspired look of the movie. Much of the styling of the film series is due to Sanja Hayes, the woman behind the costume decisions that took place in the long-running action series.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, F9: The quick saga Costume designer Sanja Hayes reflected on the elements the cast brought to her costumes, discussed the impact her work has had on American culture, and shared what it’s like to see that influence come to life.

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CBR: You’ve been a part of a lot of this franchise, with your work featured in most of the movies in the franchise. What do you think is the most interesting development that has occurred over the years?

Sanja Hayes: These are the characters, their journey. I think all of us … [these films] kind of takes us on a journey. That’s why everyone gorges themselves on television because you have these characters that take you on a journey. I think we care about them. We care about what’s going on with them. And then their adventure and their fight against the bad guys, while not always perfect, they’re usually on the right side of the spectrum. And then they go on an adventure all over the world that it has taken us. And so it was stronger because it’s a family.

Due to the global nature of the franchise, you are faced with an interesting challenge: how to best reflect these characters and their different styles and cultures. How does it feel, as a costume designer, to have so much to play?

I think that’s what makes this franchise so relevant and so appealing – because it’s a global thing – because [these characters] are citizens of the world, they feel good wherever they are. It’s also how the world is now, especially for the younger ones, it’s like Thomas Friedman said, “The world is flat.” I think that’s what the franchise has shown … There are no real boundaries in that sense. There are no racial issues. It all depends on who you are and how you work with your friends and family.

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Do you have any specific looks from the series that you are particularly proud of?

Time will pass for the following films, but I am very proud of the first one. [film]… It was something that had never been done before. It was the street, and yet fashionable. We were pushing the limits on so many levels, both with the actors and the extras. I saw it again recently, and it still doesn’t look old-fashioned. It has become a part of popular culture. I remember a few years ago I was driving somewhere and listening to the radio. He was one of the radio hosts. He said, “Remember when Fast and furious, did the girl go out in school clothes? ”I’m like,“ Wow, I’m really part of popular culture. ”So yeah, the influence. Obviously, fashion and what’s going on has had an impact. influence on us, but I would like to think that what we did had an influence on fashion too.

It really had an impact on the younger generations back then, and you’re right, it helped define a lot of the aesthetics of the clothes we still wear today.

We brought LA ​​and the upscale style of East LA to the world.

Of all the work I’ve done, this series certainly has the most impact. And also, it is the longest. I think it looks good, but I also think it has such a big impact because the movies are so awesome … Thanks to the scripts. most [impact], regarding the costumes [goes], it’s really thanks to the actors, because they brought these characters and costumes to life. If you look at the costumes on the mannequins, they are what they are, but they are not alive. They only come alive when an actor wears them.

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