Treehaus La, is also known in Los Angeles for having drip monkey, the little elefant, Joe Biden’s Father, Justice Pillows, Julie Anne More and chop mockingbird

ATWATER VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 29, 2021 / – Exciting recent events at Treehaus LA, one of the great boutiques in Los Angeles, California

Treehaus La, one of the big shops in Los Angeles, is known to have drip monkey, the little elefant, Joe Bidens Father, Justice Pillows, Julie Anne More and chop mockingbird have also had some exciting events in Los Angeles recently.

“Eugene the Shy Dinosaur” – Book signing.

The book, “Eugene the Shy Dinosaur” was produced during the pandemic shutdowns by Erin Dougherty and Levi Frey (aunt / nephew team). Erin wrote the book and Levi did the illustrations. Levi has autism and drawing is one of his superpowers. As you know, acceptance of autism is very relevant to Michelle and I because our sons are also autistic. So we thought it was important to support Levi’s efforts

Freddy ‘Skins’ Ruvalcaba Virtual Art Show

You can read more about the event here and enjoy the YouTube video experience … https: //
Freddy is a self-taught Mexican artist born and raised in Los Angeles.
Freddy in his own words: “I found myself at a crossroads trying to get rid of what I had become used to, the nightlife in LA and the toxic behavior that comes with it. I wasn’t in. a bad situation in itself, but I was also not in a place of peace. After abruptly ceasing to nurture this way of life, I found myself yearning to discover myself. “

PATRICK HRUBY – Virtual and outdoor art fair

Patrick Hruby is an award-winning illustrator and designer. Hailing from Los Angeles, his work is inspired as much by the sunny landscape as it is by a love for geometry and all that has to do with the mid-century. He is one of three members of Clover Scout. An LA-based illustration collective.
His art makes us happy! I mean, what’s not to love?

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