INDIANAPOLIS – The IMPD releases a video as an investigation is still underway into a deadly police shooting in late September.

A critical incident video was posted to the IMPD’s YouTube page on Thursday of the police shooting in Block 500 of Eugene Street.

The shooting occurred after an investigation into a red Honda Pilot with temporary plates that leaked a traffic stop in the 3800 block of Doctor MLK Jr. Street.

The vehicle was driven by a white woman wearing a white hoodie. The IMPD did not pursue the vehicle but found it in the 500 block of Eugene Street.

In the video, you can see IMPD Officer Shelton taking notes on the vehicle and speaking with a woman standing on the porch, who was later identified as Jessie Leonard, 46.

The IMPD said Constable Shelton saw Leonard pull a handgun out of his purse and put it in his belt. He alerted another police officer who arrived at the scene, but they did not approach her as they did not have positive identification.

They were able to contact Agent Smith, who was at the traffic stop. Smith said he would be able to identify the driver. Upon arrival, the IMPD said officers approached the house, trying to identify if she was the driver.

This is when the video shows Leonard telling officers not to approach before picking up his handgun.

In a few hectic seconds, the video shows officers warning her to stop before she begins firing the handgun.

The officers shot Leonard, and at one point you can see Leonard pointing the handgun at the officers before falling off the ledge.

The IMPD said officers then went to provide first aid until medical units could arrive. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation is still ongoing at the time of writing. A separate and independent investigation will be conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit of the IMPD. The use of force with a civilian majority will also be examined by the Council.

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