Video of the duck paddling past a flock of flamingos was posted on the Smithsonian’s National Zoo official Instagram page.

Are you looking for a video that could leave a smile on your face? Then this clip involving flocks of flamingos and ducks can do the trick. It’s an absolutely entertaining video to watch.

The video opens to show a group of flamingos standing in a body of water. In a few moments, a duck passes in front of them to join its own flock. Although short, the video is absolutely fun to watch. You may also end up watching it more than once.

“Duck, duck, GO!” In this video, Common Merganser Fabio paddles through the flamingo pond at 10 km / h to Bird House sitter Heather Anderson. She feeds Fabio’s favorite food from our herd: mealworms! They are also given smelt and sea duck meatballs as part of their daily diet, ”they wrote with the video.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a day ago. Since it was shared it has already amassed over 1.1 lakh of views and the numbers are only increasing. The post also prompted people to share various comments. Many also posted laughing emoticons to express their reactions.

“I love to use his head as a brake,” wrote one Instagram user. “There’s one in every crowd,” another joked. “Hahaha. That’s how I am when I hear my food getting ready,” shared a third.

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