Marvel Studios’ Eternals is already creating a lot of social media buzz after its trailer released. And Marvel fans are gearing up to see an incredible cast of actors including Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, and Kumail Nanjiani together on screen. No doubt the cinematography will be breathtaking. And Indian fashion aficionados have another reason to be excited about the film’s release, as Indian designer Saran Kohli designed costumes for an important streak in the film. Kohli shared the news on social media and called it a dream come true moment for him. Face to face with ETimes, Times of India, the designer tells how he landed this project.

“It was a direct call from the costumes department at Marvel Studios. At first they didn’t even tell me if it was for a movie. They just told me that they were looking for costumes for that scene that has a bit of a dance streak. That’s kind of a feeling. I didn’t question so much at first because I’ve done costume design in movies before and thought this had to be one of those regular movies only. Later when they emailed the movie name was different, it was a made up name for a movie. They asked me to meet them at Pinewood Studios. took that name, I figured it would be a big budget movie. I thought maybe it was a Bollywood movie. But later when I spoke to one of the chefs at the costume department at Marvel, I realized this was something big for sure, ”he says.

Saran designed costumes for 52 dancers for the dance sequence and he also did part of the outfit for Kumail Nanjiani, where he helped the other costume designer with the embroidery work. “While my main streak was with the 52 dancers, I contributed to the Kumail costume,” he adds.

Saran also had the chance to interact with the Pakistani-American comedian, since he was on sets for four days with him. “Kumail is a great guy and he is very approachable and warm. I also had the chance to share my work with him and we also shared common interests,” he quipped.

The film is scheduled for release on November 5, 2021.

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