Many spooky games are often released and played in the run-up to Halloween. However, many games are not necessarily scary and are lighter and more fun.

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Games such as Costume Quest and Infector often play on the usual Halloween horror elements in a fun way. Their artistic styles also made the games more fun or heartwarming than scary and scary, which relieved gamers’ hearts of the spooky elements of other horror games such as jumpscares. Some of these games also have cooperative modes, which means that more than one player can have fun.

ten Costume Quest allowed players to cheat or treat while defeating bad guys and finding new costumes

costume quest

Costume Quest is a role-playing game in which the player chooses his hero for a sleight of hand in the neighborhood. While traveling to get candy, the player can find new costumes to wear and use their abilities to defeat the evil Repugians and save the day.

Many gamers have hailed this game as one of the best non-spooky, family-friendly Halloween games due to its cute art style, gameplay, and focus on adventure and story rather than to provide fears of jumping and blood.

9 Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a mansion full of hilarious ghostly shenanigans

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third game of the Luigi’s mansion series. In this episode, Luigi explores a haunted hotel and saves his friends who are trapped there, after they are first brought in by King Boo. There are many similarities to the first two games, but there are new features for catching spooky ghosts, a new wizard called Gooogi, and extensive multiplayer elements that allow cooperative and competitive gameplay.

Many gamers appreciated this one for its cute art style, fun gameplay, and called this game one of the best in the series to date.

8 Monster Prom is more heartwarming and sweet than scary

Monster Ball is a fun and modern dating sim where the protagonist has only three weeks to find a date for the titular Monster Prom. The player has a choice of six completely unique monsters to try out to date and can choose to play one of four predefined characters. There are murders in this game, but that doesn’t take away from the friendliness of the player’s interactions with their varied love interests.

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This game also has twenty-three endings, which makes it incredibly replayable. The game was so well received by gamers that the developers created a sequel called Monster Prom 2: Summer Camp.

7 Canada’s Death Road is full of zombies and laughs galore

The Death Road in Canada involves the player fleeing to Canada to escape the zombie apocalypse. This is a randomly generated road trip simulator where the player has to explore strange cities that they stop in, recruit people, rescue dogs, and also potentially teach these dogs to drive a car.

Because the game is randomly generated with every reboot, it is quite unpredictable and can lead to a lot of hilarious moments. The pixel art style also lent to the chaotic atmosphere of the game, much to the amusement of many gamers.

6 Haunt The House: Terrortown has the player haunting the house

Haunt the House: Terrortown

Haunt the House: Terrortown involves the player being the spooky ghost that haunts the house. Players can ask the ghost to possess various household items to scare away the humans who enter, including paintings, furniture, and the lights themselves. Her cute art style made hauntings cuter than scary for gamers, and they took pleasure in haunting people in creative and unique ways.

It was difficult for gamers not to play the game when the ghost himself was also cute in his appearance, despite his main purpose being to haunt people.

5 Night In The Woods deals with rescuing a cult friend, but contains many heartwarming elements

Night in the woods, despite the scary title, is funnier than scary. It’s extremely exploration-based, with the player controlling protagonist Mae as she returns home and realizes how much everything has changed after she left for college.

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Even though the game is about the protagonist and her friends encountering a cult, rescuing their kidnapped friend, and also tackling themes of mental illness, the game itself has plenty of heartwarming moments that help balance its more frightening elements. Many gamers and critics appreciated the emphasis on the game’s narrative rather than the gameplay itself.

4 Pumpkin Jack is more fantastic than scary

Pumpkin Jack throws a knife

Pumpkin jack is a 3D platform game where the player controls Jack, the mythical pumpkin lord. They must venture across landscapes from another world to overcome Good and let Evil prevail. Many players have enjoyed exploring the fantastic worlds they have made their way through. The unique art style made the game seem more fantasy-inspired than having classic elements of a horror game, despite controlling a pumpkin-headed character.

Even as Jack hacked and made his way through enemies in each area, the gameplay itself felt more fun than scary.

3 Spiritfarer deals with the dead but in a heartwarming way

Although Spiritist involves the player character carrying dead spirits into the afterlife after completing their final requests, many players have found this game to be more heartwarming and sweet than scary.

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Many of the characters the player interacts with have likable sides and are far from scary or scary in reality. These interactions made the game quite relaxing to play, especially with the player having the ability to explore islands, gather resources, and expand their ship to accommodate new buildings and comforts for their passengers.

2 Infectonator gets you started on the zombie apocalypse

Infector focused on the player who literally sets off the zombie apocalypse around the world. The main objective is to infect as many people as possible so that they all become zombies and / or die from the disease to which they have been exposed. The player can purchase upgrades and unlock new characters if they earn enough in-game currency, which makes their zombies last longer, grow stronger, and also make it easier to infect more people with that time.

Once the Infected People’s target goals are met for a stage, new stages open up for the player to infect more people. Despite the blood and explosions involved in its game, the pixelated artwork and the customization and upgrading of the zombies made this game much more fun than scary, especially after unlocking zombies that look like Santa Claus and Michael Jackson. .

1 Thimbleweed Park’s art style makes the game less scary than it is

Anthropodes Park

Anthropodes Park follows two FBI agents who travel to a small town to investigate a murder. Despite the gravity of the murder, the artistry of the townspeople including a clown, ghost, and computer programmer made this game much less spooky than it actually was.

This point-and-click adventure game has been praised for its art style, the writing for the main and supporting characters, and the mystery itself. Many players also liked that it wasn’t too scary.

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