Charlotte Flair has been widely criticized for securing undeserved title opportunities and titles that should have gone to other more deserving WWE Superstars. It continues to draw the ire of fans as it ends up in every title image imaginable.

However, it cannot be denied that Charlotte Flair is one of the best WWE female superstars in the business and has appeared in many historic matches throughout her career. On top of that, she has won a WWE Women’s Title 13 times so far.

Speaking to Arroe Collins, Charlotte Flair spoke about the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE and she bragged about how today’s professional wrestlers have normalized their presence on the main event stage.

“Nobody says, ‘It was a great women’s game.’ No, it was just a great game. We are equal everywhere. Women today have put so much time and effort into style, character, picking up pieces from the past, growing up with the future, exhibiting it all and having the mindset that just because it’s a woman is less. We’re storytellers and that’s what we do, that’s why everyone is talking about it. There is no difference, male or female. Anyone can be the main event and if we are the main event no one is going to say “Oh my God, women are the main event”. We have standardized it.

Charlotte Flair is expected to challenge Rhea Ripley for the RAW Women’s RAW Championship on pay-per-view WWE Money In The Bank, much to fans’ dismay. We’ll have to see if she wins the title or not.

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