In Catwoman # 32, Selina Kyle is shown having a heist, before she was Catwoman, robbing a gangster in one of her simplest and best costumes ever!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Catwoman # 32!

In Catwoman # 32, Selina kyleis the best Catwoman costume was his very first. The problem sees the antagonist Father Valley and a series of other people asking Catwoman’s associates, who is Selina Kyle? Some information is taken from the victim of Father Valley, who previously worked with Selina Kyle on a mission in Sicily. Selina, even in her early days, had many of the qualities that make her Catwoman today.

In Sicily, Selina’s friend is killed but she continues what he started, ending her mission by robbing a Sicilian gangster. The goal being achieved, Selina’s ally is surprised that she has not killed the gangster. But it was revealed that Selina wanted everyone to know what type of criminal she is. That she is not a killer, but rather a vigilante. Leaving evidence against him, the gangster is arrested and put in prison for life. All the while, Selina wears her best Catwoman costume, before officially becoming her.

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In Catwoman # 32 by Ram V., Evan Cagle and Jordie Bellaire, Selina Kyle wears a simple all-black outfit. His suit is elegant and suitable for break-ins. There is nothing extravagant about his clothes, but his mask is bold. The two different garments subvert the other’s message, her mask being more boastful than her understated outfit. The mask could be seen as an intimidating tactic, to scare off enemies as she approaches. Its mask is a common ball-type mask that does not protrude to convey its identification with cats. This is unlike many of her past costumes which were very impractical and too focused on making Selina look like a cat. This new costume takes into account her criminal needs, ending with a simple yet effective outfit, perfect for break-ins.

One of the main reasons the costume is so good is that she isn’t Catwoman at this point. It contains all of the necessary ingredients that make up the iconic Catwoman costumes and is more of a prototype. Which is the same as DC’s older Bat-suit prototypes, which are simplified versions of what they ultimately become. Plus, Selina’s costume means she already thinks like Catwoman. Selina can only become Catwoman when she returns to Alleytown, because that’s the place that made her what she is today. Having the cat mask, which has obviously been stolen, is just the icing on the cake that implies Selina is almost ready to dress completely.

Selina kyleThe new costume is understated and different from the pseudo-accidental costume of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume in The dark knight rises. Hathaway’s Catwoman costume is more ironic, because when she pulls up her glasses, they look like cat ears. The glasses are not important but serve as an excuse to make your mask look like cat ears. This type of disguise ends up being less representative of Catwomanis the character. That’s why Selina’s simple yet elegant outfit in Catwoman # 32 is perfect because it showcases everything that makes her Catwoman.

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