Cutiepiesensei’s fantastic cosplay from Catwoman, Gotham’s Cat Burglar, shows why her purple ’90s costume deserves to be in the movies.

Gotham’s notorious cat burglar, catwoman, is no stranger to having iconic costumes throughout DC comics history. The heroine’s sleek design makes appearances in popular DC movies like Return of Batman and The dark knight rises. Matt Reeves’ The Batman The film also features Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravits) in stylish looks from Catwoman’s fashion-forward past. However, one cosplayer proves why Catwoman’s fashionable purple costume deserves a chance to hit the big screen and many fans are likely to agree.

Prowling in DC Batman #1 (1940) as a cunning jewel thief, similar in design to the Selina Kyle now. The costume debut of the mysterious heroine will only appear “Batman #3”The Cat-Woman” by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, as the cat-masked villain known as “The Cat”. Taking the cat-burglar meaning too far by appearing as a comical humanoid cat. Original design Cat-Woman’s comic book shows her in a yellow dress with a red cape. burglar cat.


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On Instagram, cosplayer Cutiepiesensei wowed fans with a fashion-forward new cosplay of Catwoman’s classic ’90s purple costume. Debut in Catwoman #1 (1993), as Selina Kyle’s original design by writer and artist Jim Balent, the costume quickly became a fan favorite. The cosplay perfectly displays Selina’s all-purple jumpsuit with classic black leather detailing on her mid-length gloves and tall boots. As a cat burglar, the chic cowl she wears also sets the tone for her profession, along with an intimidating black whip that keeps enemies (and Batman) at bay.

Recently, Catwoman’s purple costume returned to the cover variant of Catwoman #32 by artist Jenny Frison. An outfit that represents Selina’s debut as Catwoman and positions herself as Batman’s greatest enemy – before succumbing to endless romance. Over the next decade, the costume would continue to recur in the comics, despite mixed reviews from fans. Occasionally accentuating the character of the cat with a tail, the costume ended in Catwoman #1 (2002) by artist Darwyn Cooke. The redesign with a simple, sleek black costume and goggles set the standard for future Catwoman costumes in the comics and movies.

As for Reeves The Batman movie, Selina Kyle wears many outfits inspired by Catwoman’s 80-year costume history. This includes inspiration from Cooke’s redesign that better suits the burglar profession than the literal cat persona. Catwoman and Batman’s romantic relationship is often shown in the couples’ similar costume designs – which pushes their cat-and-mouse dynamic even further. However, catwoman The classic purple costume deserves a fighting chance in the movies or at least Cutiepiesensei’s version is a hopeful version that fans will love in this amazing cosplay.

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