DCEU has won a mixed body of criticism and admiration from the public over the years. Despite the global influence of DC comics and its superheroes on fans, the Cinematic Universe has faced its fair share of struggles to leave a mark. But Warner Bros. is always ready for the talented directors who have taken some DC films to great heights. Their out-of-the-world outlook extended to costumes as well, giving every superhero outfit a deep meaning. These BTS secrets and hidden references are meant to enhance viewers’ cinematic experience. So here are some interesting behind-the-scenes DCEU costume facts.

Shazam’s outfit has a reference

Zachary Levi’s super-entertaining Shazam may be the new hero of the cinematic universe. But his comic book counterpart is the oldest and one of DC’s first characters. Shazam drew his powers from ancient gods such as Hercules, Solomon, Zeus and more. This prompted designers to take inspiration from ancient Greek for her costume. It was imbued with gold patterns and also projected Mr. Trawny, a recurring character in the Shazam comics, onto the gold-plated button.

Wonder Woman Tiara

Comic book fans must have noticed how slightly different Gal Gadot’s outfit is from other iterations of Wonder Woman. The Amazonian warrior we knew wore the tiara on her head. But director Patty Jenkins had reservations about a warrior wearing a tiara. So, costume designer Wilkinson came up with a brilliant solution to turn the tiara into a protective helmet.

Superman costume has a quote

Everyone knows the message on the Superman costume. But Zack Snyder and Michael Wilkinson wanted to add something more than the “S” for “hope”. The intricate patterns and texture of Henry Cavill’s new costume was Joseph Campbell’s quote translated into Kryptonian.

Ben Affleck’s Rough Batman Costume

Zack Snyder and costume designer Michael Wilkinson looked to some of the most popular iterations of Batman in the comics for the costume. They took inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to create an imposing Batman.

During an interview, Wilkinson said

“Zack was pretty clear where he wanted to go. He really wanted our Batman to look more like him in the comics, so when he was drawn in 2D, he’s just a solid ball of muscle – but he’s more of a boorish brawler than an armor figure. and high tech. So we went back to his roots and described some of it through his massive combat strength and technique, more than armor … It was important, to show our really battle-worn and slightly older Batman. than Batman from recent movies, so he’s been fighting crime in Gotham for a long time now and he’s got the scars to show it.

Flash prototype suit

Barry Allen aka Flash is the youngest member of the Justice League. Compared to other heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, this speedster is just a cooler one. With no Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark above his head, Barry relied on his personal resources for the outfit. Zack Snyder didn’t want tights for the amateur superhero, but envisioned a fusion of high-tech and low-tech elements on his costume. According to costume designer Wilkinson “For this costume, Zack [Snyder] wanted this nice mix between a very high-tech, but also low-tech approach. Lots of battered textures, kind of like a prototype suit. He was scratched and disturbed. Flash is sort of working on its look at this early stage in its history … I had this idea that it’s almost like a sports shoe, in a way, that you combine soft and flexible materials, then superimpose them and so it becomes harder and harder “

Bruce Wayne business outfits

The man behind the Dark Knight’s cloak wore nothing but Gucci. The director and creative team designed Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne character arc as a billionaire with a routine but elegant wardrobe. He only owned “eight white shirts, five bespoke navy suits, 10 bespoke black suits – he had a very austere approach to fashion.” The entire wardrobe was curated by the designers at Gucci.

Harley Quinn Necklace

Margot Robbie was the best Harley Quinn ever seen on screens. She perfectly captures the savagery and unpredictability of the anti-hero. In “Birds of Prey”, we learn that Harley and Joker separate after the events of “Suicide Squad”. His standalone film ultimately took the spotlight off Joker and focused on the Harley character arc. Costume designer Erin Benach manifested her quirky attributes through her costumes and jewelry. Harley’s necklace had random elements such as a cold drink bottle cap, feminist iconography, and a Bruce tag.


As Cyborg, actor Ray Fisher’s costume relies heavily on CGI to achieve a more realistic look. As cool as he looked on screens, his behind-the-scenes appearance was far from that of a sci-fi superhero. While his teammates wore incredible costumes and capes, Fisher spent most of his time on set in his pajamas.

Aquaman Dimensions

In “Aquaman”, it was Arthur Curry who wore the Jason Momoa costume. Don’t underestimate the creator’s work in the film just because the protagonist has donned some casual clothes. The department had to go the extra mile to match Momoa’s unique measurements. They later teamed up with the brand that makes personalized clothing for the actor.

Wonder Woman Warrior Outfit

Since Wonder Woman had been a warrior since 3000 BC, her costume had to look old but modern in “Justice League.” The designer and director took inspiration from Greek and Roman warriors and gladiators and combined it with contemporary technology for added comfort and flexibility.

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