Vouchers for private schools for anti-mask parents are strapped for cash, but Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has said more money will be spent on the controversial program that could impact many. many public schools in the state.

With the increase in COVID-19 cases, children are well advanced in the school year, with some schools not enforcing mask warrants.

In response to the question, if schools are safe as cases increase, Ducey said, “It’s a contagious disease, okay. It’s highly communicable. We want people to be responsible. We want let them follow the guidelines. “

Later this month, the law will prevent schools from having mask mandates in effect, and Ducey announced there will be more funding for schools without a warrant.

“Let the money flow into the law-abiding schools and we will continue to do so,” he said.

Demand has exceeded dollars for a program the governor created to give vouchers for private schools to parents who don’t want their children to attend school with a mask warrant. The program is strapped for cash but an unknown amount will be added to it, according to Ducey

“I’m a huge fan of the Education Savings Account and Parenting Choice, our kids need to get caught up and learn in a learning place that doesn’t play games but actually cares about their communication skills, their analytical skills. So I want to do whatever I can with the dollars available to catch up with the kids, “Ducey said.

For children who attend a private school, it was not determined whether or not they would be allowed to stay there next year.

“To be determined,” Ducey replied.

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