The image shows a young girl peeling an apple and an alpaca standing nearby eating it all.

Videos showing pets being allowed to do crazy things by their owners are fun to watch, especially when the owner is a young one. Most of the time, they imitate the innocent behavior of children by acting like them.

A video winning hearts on the internet shows a young girl using an apple peeler to peel fruit and an alpaca standing nearby eating it all.

The video was shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Wednesday with the caption “Peeling an apple”.

It has attracted over 1.7 million viewers on social media and has over 91,000 likes in just a few hours.

Social media users enjoyed watching the video a lot and left lovely remarks in the comment section.

“Fruit at the foot,” wrote one user.

While another said, “I’m pretty sure this clip helped my blood pressure drop 1000 points.”

A third user recalled his own childhood and said: “Love it! When I was a kid I ate the apple peels when my mom used her apple peeler…and so did my siblings .”

Buitengebieden continues to post adorable videos on her social media platforms which receive millions of views and never fail to amaze viewers.

A video has gone viral on the internet which shows two raccoons playing with soap bubbles with a dog. This was shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Tuesday with the caption “Raccoons playing with bubbles”.

The video garnered over a million views and over 61,000 likes on Twitter in just a few hours and over 9,000 users retweeted the post.

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