SJCC launched (Dis) Ability Trivia

Jordan harris

At a recent SJCC centennial event, the Student Accessibility Services Department showcased some of the tools available to students with disabilities.

San Jose City College has held a number of events to provide information on access and accommodations and to educate the college about the rights of people with disabilities during Disability or Accessibility Awareness Month. .

57 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with a disability and here at San Jose City College 31% of the student body has a learning disability. The month of October aims to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities and to ensure that every student has the same access to services and tools on campus.

The Department of Student Accessibility Services offers specialist advice and guidance to students with educational limitations, which is often critical to their academic and professional success. Services include an initial admission interview, registration assistance, accommodation authorization based on verified limitations, and academic follow-up every semester.

Rowena Tomameng, President of SJCC, believes in the importance of these programs.

“SJCC’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) program is an incredible resource for our Jaguars who need specialized support and training. The SAS team, led by Dr Edina Rutland, coordinates a number of student support services: academic, personal and career counseling, tutoring, assistive technology, sign language interpretation and others, ”said Tomanameng.

There are services available for deaf and hard of hearing students such as interpreters, captioners and listening aids. For students with learning differences, SAS also offers an assortment of diagnostic or assessment programs to determine a student’s weaknesses and strengths. Educational assistance courses, adapted physical education courses, state-of-the-art computer units and alternative media specialists are available to students.

To help promote awareness, SAS and the Diversity and Accessibility Advisory Committees are also launching a (Dis) Ability quiz series. Each week they will send out a series of questions related to these issues and five winners will each receive $ 20 gift cards from various retailers. Interested parties are requested to visit the SJCC SAS website for more information.
The City College Times made several attempts to contact the SAS office and several employees who all declined to comment on this story.

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