There’s no question that Harley Quinn is the best dressed in the DC Universe, so it makes sense that everyone wants to create a Harley Quinn Halloween costume this year.

She always wears the cutest outfits, even kicking and taking names. Her fashion is inspiring, fun, daring, sexy, and a little wacky, but that’s why we love her.

All of her outfits are iconic and there are actually a lot of accessories that make them perfect.

Here are 8 best DIY Harley Quinn costume ideas for 2021

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1. Harley Quinn costume in “The Suicide Squad” red dress

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Let out your inner monster this Halloween and channel Harley Quinn’s iconic red dress look in “The Suicide Squad,” which premiered in 2021.

All you need is tulle, a sexy red bustier, a tiered tulle skirt, black combat boots, red lipstick, her iconic tattoos, and a red and black ponytail wig for the full effect.

Bonus points if you can also get a few friends to dress up as other members of the Suicide Squad. Dibs on John Cena’s Peacemaker Look!

2. Harley Quinn Fringed Jacket “Birds of Prey” Costume

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Throw your hands up like you don’t care. This outfit will make you want to jump up and down all night long because of how fun a fringed jacket made from streamers and duct tape can be.

You can recreate Harley Quinn’s iconic look from “Birds Of Prey” with this outfit. All you need is the jacket, shorts and bra, see-through boots and sequined socks, as well as the wig and jewelry.

3. Harley Quinn Jester outfit from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ costume

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Become the animated character you always wanted to be, with the iconic Harley Quinn jester outfit, which has become synonymous with the name Harley Quinn. This outfit is believed to be seen as a resemblance to Harley Quinn in the past as the Joker’s loyal girlfriend and jester.

All you need is the jumpsuit and helmet and some white face paint to do the trick.

4. Harley Quinn’s club outfit from the ‘Birds Of Prey’ costume

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This outfit could be the funniest in the Harley Quinn universe.

All you need is a sequined cardigan, a transparent beige mesh bodysuit, velvet fabric stickers, a pair of striped jeans (preferably red, blue and white striped pants), a white belt, white slippers, Harley Quinn’s classic pink and blue hair in a bun ponytail, and some sticky rhinestones to add to the eyebrows for the finishing touch.

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5. Harley Quinn’s “The Suicide Squad” costume

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We all know this costume is the classic Harley Quinn outfit as we recognize her from the first “Suicide Squad” movie in this outfit. You can easily put this outfit together and have all the essentials.

First of all you need sexy fishnets, hot sequin pants, Daddy’s Lil Monster t-shirt, Property Of The Jokers jacket, her iconic tattoos, a Puddin necklace with gold spiked bracelets, a black diamond belt, the classic baseball bat and finally epic sneaker style high heels.

6. Harley Quinn’s Gold Roller Skating Outfit from ‘Birds Of Prey’ Costume

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This outfit is probably one of Harley’s funniest outfits, because who doesn’t want bright yellow jester-patterned overalls?

All you need is the yellow jumpsuit and pink sports bra, gold high heel ankle boots, her “Birds of Prey” wig and jewelry package she iconic tattoos, and his trusty mallet.

7. Harley Quinn’s classic black and red leather outfit in ‘The Suicide Squad’ costume (2016)

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This is one of Harley Quinn’s most badass costumes and we’re here for it.

In order to achieve this intricate yet perfect chic biker outfit, all you need is the Harley Quinn Black and Red Suicide Squad outfit, its red and black ponytail wig, black combat boots, red laces, red rope for a DIY choker (all you need is a hot glue gun), motorcycle goggles, and biker gloves.

8. Harley Quinn’s flamboyant jacket outfit in ‘Birds Of Prey’

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The best for the end ! This awesome jacket Harley wears at the end of “Birds Of Prey” is so gorgeous we had to put the outfit together for a Harley Quinn Halloween costume.

First off, you need the iconic jacket which luckily saves you time and effort trying to make it as it is on Amazon. You will also need his ‘birds of prey’ wig and jewelry package, black and gold pants, black sequin ankle boots, a black and white color block tank top (which you can make red with red clothing dye), and finally, red oval sunglasses with self-adhesive rhinestones.

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